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Fiction analysis essay (Essay Sample)

Hi,writer please refer to my professor instruction.Finished with your Essay? Use this Easy Checklist before submitting to avoid losing points. Fiction Analysis Essay Requirements Check List Did I include my LAST name and page number in the document heading? Did I use the correct class heading in the top left-hand corner, beginning on the first line of my paper? Your Name ProfG ENG 102 170 / Fiction Analyssi 6 June 2013 Did I create a thematically appropriate, creative title, which is centered on the first line AFTER my class heading? Need an example? (Remember, the title is plain, NOT bolded, italicized, or underlined.) When Crazy is Sane: An Analysis of “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “The Lesson” Do I have at least 5 paragraphs - Introduction paragraph (6 - 8 sentences) - Body paragraph #1 ( 12 - 15 sentences) - Body paragraph #2 ( 12 - 15 sentences) - Body paragraph #3 ( 12 - 15 sentences) - Conclusion paragraph (8 - 12 sentences) Did I place my THESIS as the LAST sentence in my Intro paragraph? Do EACH of my paragraphs have 2 - 3 references for each text? Prof G suggestion: most quotes no longer than 2-3 lines since the paper length is short An in-text quote can be NO longer than 4, double spaced lines Remember, 80% of the paragraph should NOT be quotes. Are my paragraphs are 80% MY WORDS and ONLY 20% QUOTES? Did I restate my THESIS with fresh new words in the FIRST sentence of my Conclusion paragraph? If I used a BOYSFAN (but, or, yet, so, for, and, nor) to join sentences, did I use the CORRECT joining unit: * Sent 1 /, BOYSFAN / Sent2. I enjoy the movies, AND I enjoy the theatre. If I used a ; to join sentences, did I use the CORRECT joining unit: * Sent 1 / ; / Sent2. OR Sent1 / ; trans, / Sent2. I enjoy the movies; I enjoy the theatre. OR I enjoy the movies; however, I do not enjoy the theatre. Did I create my WORKS CITED page on a SEPARATE page at the end of my paper? Did I read my paper twice, checking for misspellings, sentence errors, and other glitches? * Consider taking your paper to the Tutoring Center for a second pair of eyes! Did I read my paper out loud to catch any final errors? * Seriously, this works. Do it! Am I submitting this paper with confidence? DUE DATE: Thursday, June 6th@ 11:59pm All essays should be uploaded as WORD documents NO EXCEPTIONS. Late essays are marked down 5 points per day (first mark down occurs at 12:00am on Friday, June 7th, 2013) source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: DECAY William Godwin once said, “The proper method for hastening the decay of error is by teaching every man to think for himself” (Weber, 13). The society through acceptance or denial has some extent of decay, which could be natural or even spiritual. The saying tends to rhyme completely with the personal opinion regarding the same, as the story of ‘Arose for Emily’, by William Faulkner, as well as ‘Young Goodman Brown’, by Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays this comprehensively’. The two stories explore the theme of decay through symbolism, characterization and point of view (POV). The natural decay has been portrayed evidently in the story of “A rose for Emily” through various description of her early age and process of deterioration. Symbolism is very evident as she is compared to a monument that is usually imagined as ancient (Faulkner, 6). In addition, a monument describes a structure that was used by ancient people and no longer had much meaning in the sight of the contemporary world and people. However much it may be denied, this story shows that decay is subject to life and every tangible object like the houses, the town as well as human beings. The lively town that once existed in the days of her younger age as well as the beauty of her family’s house lost its splendor and glory as the years progressed. On the other hand, the story of “young Goodman brown” elaborates further on the spiritual and societal. After Goodman decides to take the evil trip, the fellow traveler convinces him that the people he thought are good in both morals and spiritual matters are in the first line in doing evil. Thus, Goodman loses trust for good things because he realizes that his role models practice what is good in his presence and evil while in the darkness (Hawthorne, 24). Symbolism is clearly shown where Goodman’s wife is called Faith, to represent his faith in God. Goodman actually says that when he returns from his trip, he will cling to Faith’s skirt to heaven, and at the point where he tells the fellow traveler that Faith kept him back, explaining the reason for his delay to an evil assignment. Similarly, the black staff that the fellow traveler held represented a snake, which spiritually means presence of evil. Both authors have used various characters to bring ...
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