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Fast food (Essay Sample)

Hi, writer this is my teacher instruction for this argumentative research essay. Your paper should be at least 1,250 words and, for a passing grade, is required to have citations from at least two articles in The Little Brown Reader book and a minimum of one other credible outside source. Your paper should be titled, include page numbers inserted in the top right corner (lastname_pagenumber), double spaced, have one inch margins around, and include a works cited page that documents all of your sources correctly. source..
Fast foods
Fast foods
Since creation, man is believed to be taking food to enable him gain energy to survive each and every day. Though food was seen in this perspective before, things continue changing and some people take it for fan. Before, there were food of certain varieties but as days progress, there are different types of food that that are packed and one can go with them anyplace he/she wishes to go. Among the introduced foods are the fast foods. These are type of foods that cook easily, take less time to cook and are mostly sold in hotels, and restaurant as takeaway foods.
As the word applies to fast food, these foods are preheated or precooked before they are sold. Examples of these foods include: fried chicken, chips, hamburgers and pizzas which are prepared and sold in snack bars. Though while fast foods were introduced they were just sold in specific places, things have changed and other outlets including hotels and restaurants, kiosks and franchise which is a chain of restaurants are also selling fast foods. Though we may ask what has contributed to rapidly use of fast food. Over occupation as people try to move with the economy has contributed to this. For instance, people are becoming more occupied in the current world to various commitments, creating a high demand for fast food since they have no time to prepare foods that require much time.
History of fast foods
As far as fast food history is concerned, these were foods that were meant to be found in restaurants to serve those people who were away from their homes. Looking back as far as ancient Greece, the restaurants main role was to serve travelers who had concrete reasons to be away from home. This continued until recently when many people are taking a lot of fast food either from restaurants or from local places where they are available. Though people used to take outdoor coffee in the 17th century the idea of taking a snack was not common until the 18th century. MacDonald and white castle restaurants were the first restaurants to deal with fast foods. At this time, many people considered fast foods as being of low quality especially the hamburgers which they believed were made from spoilt meat and scraps from slaughter houses.
White Castle restaurant noticed about it, they decided to change the way they operated by painting their hotel white and making their hotel more clean to change their customers' perception. The preparation of the hamburgers was done in an open area where customers could see the process of preparation and thus change their earlier perception.
As per national restaurant association consumption of fast foods had increased to $163.5 billion in 2005. Since then, its consumption has increased although it is facing protests from health organizations who consider food stuffs as being unhealthy.
Health and fast foods
People prefer Fast foods because they are cheap, it is convenient to make ...
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