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Extra Literature & Language Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


follow the attached assignment please

Watch a documentary. This can either be a full-length film or a series. It must be non-fiction that involves reporting and filming of real people and subjects. It may not be a dramatization of real-life events.
In an organized essay, discuss how the directors portray this subject matter in terms of ethos, logos, and pathos. Analyze the film's rhetorical devices. Your paper may be about all three rhetorical devices or just one. How do the directors and writers influence the audience?
Use analysis of evidence from the film
(dialogue / interview or narrator quotes and descriptions)
to defend your claims.3-4 Pages


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
The Film “Documentary of women from Bangladesh,” has been published by NCCB communication. NCCB communication is a reputable non-profit organization that fights for the rights of women in Bangladesh. The use of Ethos is evident since NCCB is non-profit, and its status convinces the audience of the credibility of the information in the film. The film shows how women from Bangladesh became victims of domestic violence and abuse. The organization uses the film to draw the audience’s attention to these social evils and create awareness. The film aims at evoking emotions of sympathy, aggressiveness, and empathy towards this community. The setting is in the Bangladesh slum areas during the night, and this has a significant meaning of dullness in the society. The structures where the interviewees live in depicts low standards of living. There is an association of the social evils to poverty, and the film establishes the plight of Bangladesh. Men are perceived as violent, and the film portrays them as enemies. These images provide evidence that women are being taken advantage of because they lack the voice to speak. Rhetorical devices of Logos and Pathos have been used predominantly in the film to communicate different aspects of the documentary. There is minimal use of Ethos in the literature; however, it has a significant role in building up interest in the story. The filmmaker successfully uses Ethos as a rhetorical device to reach the hearts of the audience. Hence, he focuses on specific features and elements alongside these rhetorical devices to sell the story to the audience.
The film applies the use of emotional appeal or Pathos, which is the dominant feature in the storytelling. The words “We cry We suffers! But still, we hope! Are used to introduce the documentary. This cry refers to the voice of women who are recurrently violated in Bangladesh. This text sets the mood of sadness in the documentary, and it evokes mixed emotions of anxiousness, anger, and sympathy. The interviewed characters invoke sympathy and pity towards the Bangladesh women whose rights are violated. The first woman to be

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