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English 101 ESSAY THREE: Expository Essay: Object (Essay Sample)


English 101
ESSAY THREE: Expository Essay: Object
Topic: This essay will be part profile of one of your classmates and part expository essay about a object that is important to your partner. You will write a partial biography of your partner and a partial biography of the object.
Required Research: You will have two research tasks for this essay:
Primary Research – you will interview your partner about the object or device s/he has chosen. I will give you time in class to conduct this interview.
Secondary Research – you will conduct library and internet research on the object itself so that your essay is not only about your partner but also a mini-history of the object and its cultural importance.
Sample Paper Organization:
1. Introduction of your partner and his/her object – perhaps using a story she/he has told you about the object. (include one quotation from your interview)
2. Introduce the object alone. What is its history (Invention? Early uses? Is it common? When did it become common? – Include at least two quotations from your secondary research sources.)
3. Return to your partner and her/his experience with the object. Report another story about her/him and consider how her/his feelings about the object might be many people’s feelings about it (include at least two quotations from your interview).
4. Return to the object apart from the subject. (Are there any controversial problems with the object? Include quotations from your secondary research sources.)
5. End your essay by returning to your partner and his/her relationship with this object. Why is this object important to your partner? Why is this object important in general?
Give your paper a strong TITLE and be sure to include the WORD COUNT
Length: 800 words (about 3 ½ pages)
Format: Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt. Font
Grade: 15% of Final Grade

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. “Ring.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 23 July 2017, https://www(dot)britannica(dot)com/art/ring-jewelry.
The History of Rings, William Chalfant, http://www(dot)oocities(dot)org/robert_upci/the_history_of_rings_by_chalfant.htm.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Expository Essay
My interviewee was Wendy Juarez. She told me captivating stories about her grandmother’s ring. As Wendy described the ring, it was made of gold and silver. The entire ring was gold except for the crust part. Indeed, it was a unique object since it appears as if its design was customized for its owner who only knew its actual meaning. Besides, Wendy got the ring from Mexico after her grandmother passed away. After the funeral, her uncle handed over the right to her and said that the owner would have wanted Wendy to have it. Wendy’s uncle knew how the older woman loved her grandchild, which is the reason why he did not hesitate to give her a ring so that she can keep it. 

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