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My Debate: How Was my Experience, Talking and Hearing Other Peoples Ideas (Essay Sample)


Our professor held a quick debate in class about general topics , i participated in this debate. I must write 2 pages about how i felt about the debate with my fellow classmates? How was my experience? and how comfortable i was about talking and hearing other peoples ideas that might differ from my own.


My Debate
Having a session whereby everyone shares his or her opinions, is usually an interesting one, especially if it is a class session. When everyone is charged up and ready to contribute on opinions, it makes way for a very interactive session. I had the chance to be part of a class debate, which our professor brought in to discuss about general topics. I guess the term ‘general’ was the best to use, since it opened a wide scope that we could cover in the debate. When I look back at the experience now, I feel great that I participated in it, as it gave me a whole new perspective about everything.
The professor did a very noble thing to come up with such a session, because it made me be able to open up in my own way. I must admit that it is not an easy thing to stand in front of a crowd, all eyes and ears on you, and manage to give and argue out an idea. Harder still, is the ability to maintain eloquence under such circumstances. At first, I felt like I would freeze out. I wondered how my classmates were managing to pull ...
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