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A review of “You Rock My World” by Michael Jackson (Essay Sample)


Please read the file I uploaded carefully. There are all the requirements for the articles. Please answer them according to the requirements. Please be careful not to miss the point. This article is about finding an album to review and making a playlist of songs for an imaginary person. Finally, please read the file I uploaded carefully.


A review of “You Rock My World” by Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson’s song, “You Rock My World,” is one of the compositions that have compelling lyrics on love. The artist composed the song for the Invicible (2001) studio album as one of the disco-pop songs with unique vocal harmonies. I have a personal connection to the song since I can relate it to my intimate encounters and that of my peers. I develop a form of addiction each time I watch the music video. Notably, it is one of the ideal examples of short music videos. Today, “You Rock My World” is the single leading composition for the tenth studio album of the artist. Jackson incorporates typical musical elements in the thirteen minutes cinematic song that portrays, Chris Tucker and Michael Jackson as the main leads while vying for woman’s affection. One of the most appealing aspects of the song “You Rock My World” is the dance at the core of its footage.
“You Rock My World” is one of the most appealing and popular songs. Jackson Jerkins was the lead producer of the single in the album. The song has unique features because of its vibrating vocal harmonies. I feel personally connected to the R&B song because of its moderate tempo of approximately ninety-five beats in a minute. “Rock with You” relates to the previous disco theme of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.” The lyrics of the song are about love and its effect “…My life will never be the same, cause girl, you came and changed the way I walk, the way I talk, I cannot explain…” (Michael stanza 3, line 1) The song is an appropriate reflection on love and how a girl rocks the world of Michael Jackson.
The song, “You Rock My World,” is one of the commercially successful songs in the position of music charts across the world. In my opinion, it remains one of the enduring singles from Michael Jackson as the king of pop music. Besides, I enjoy watching the moves that Michael Jackson makes in the song, such as anti-gravity lean, tap dance, popping, gyrating, moonwalk, and locking. I chose to analyze the song since I liked Michael’s sense of humor and creativity since I was young. Considerably, most of the aspects of the songs are intriguing to the listeners. The artist inspires both the audience and other musicians through the song “You Rock My World.”
Besides, the song has an outstanding groovy chorus, unrelenting melody, and steady beats. The short guitar line at the introductory part makes the song have a unique appeal to the audience on the essence of true love. The lyrics have a unique rhyme to promote a thematic way of revealing relevant ideas. The performance, uniqueness of music, and art make Jackson’s work quite appealing to audiences from different classes and ages. Therefore, I would recommend the song for both entertainment and

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