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Evaluation Essay of Live Theatre (Essay Sample)

you will be attending a literary event and writing an evaluative essay about the experience. Literary events include author readings/book signings at bookstores or performances of plays at theatres. FILMS DON'T COUNT. CONCERTS DON'T COUNT. Be sure to set up a good set of criteria for your evaluation. Please note that you should still have a works cited page, listing the performance as well as any other resources you used. Here are the criteria that we discuses in class: Line Delivery, emotional delivery, intensity, clarity of the play and lines, themes/ purpose, character description, emotional response of audience, body & face language, scenery/use of props, staff, costumes, believe-ability, script, history behind it, effect. Here is some information of my experience in a show, please feel free to ask me more detail regrading the show. Show name call "The Lost Folio: Shakespear's" and here is the company website http://www(dot)un-scripted(dot)com/ For the whole 2 hours show, there are total four actors(2 male & 2 female) and one music play(electronic organ) and one person who control the light. This is a musical theater Those actors act a couple roles: Female A : Princess Rose is chronic sick, Palace's bodyguard having a Palace's doctor brother Female B: The King, Palace's doctor wife, normal people that follow the princess when princess and King's Friend are elopement Male A : King's friend(similar ago with king) who in love and elopement with princess, Palace's doctor wife's friend(in this way act as female) Male B: Palace's doctor, the other normal people that follow the princess when princess and King's Friend are elopement They make lots of joke that make audience laugh. Even thought there are some sadly scene such as Princess show her struggle feeling between lover and family, and King's friend worry about to old to be love. Their body and facial have good or appropriate expression, but it is hard to bring audience onto the sadly feeling because that is stop and mostly are fun. They sing to express their happy and sad feeling something. source..
Evaluation Essay of Live Theatre
We watched a play called “The Lost Folio” by William Shakespeare. Like many Shakespeare’s plays, “The Lost Folio” is based on the old English traditions and the ways of life in the old British Kingdom. The show lasted for two hours and there were only four characters. These were two male characters and two female characters. In addition, there was a person controlling the music and another person was in charge of the lighting system. One of the things that were amazing in the show is the fact that each of the characters acted a couple of roles. Female A acted as Princess Rose who suffers from a chronic disease and as a palace’s bodyguard. Female B acts as the King Palace’s doctor wife. In addition, he acts as a friend to the King. Male A acts as a friend to the King and a friend to the Palace’s doctor wife. Male B acts as the Palace’s doctor and as a friend of the King.
The play is like a comedy. The characters engage in many jokes that make the people laugh in the entire two hours. As such, the play can be said to be enjoyable and interesting. In addition, the actors can be said to be enthusiastic and captivating because of their ability to entice the audience. In addition, the actors are talented because of their ability to play two different roles in the play. This shows that acting is diverse and that one character can engage in more than one role in a single play. Role changing is common in plays. In this case, role changing occurred because there were few actors in the play. There were only four actors and the play required at least eight. As a result, there was need for the actors to take two distinct roles in the play, which worked out effectively.
The style of play within a play within a play was adopted in the show. For instance, the actors changed the gestures, voices, and attitudes when acting in different roles. For example, Female A was very different...
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