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Ethical Proof: Arguments from Character (Essay Sample)


Respond to the following:
What is ethos?
What is situated ethos?
What is invented ethos?
How is ethos contextual?
How is ethos created?
What areas do you have situated and/or invented ethos?
How do you demonstrate your own ethos in writing?


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Ethos refers to the characters that are used in life to describe the various beliefs that make a nation, ideology, or community. Ethos is mainly used in arguments to show an artist's proof of an ideology. Aristotle argues out that ethos is limited to whatever that the speaker says. As well, other scholars point out that the ethos of the speaker is shaped by his or her past experiences and moral character. They refer to what people think about the speaker before offering the speech.
Situated ethos refers to the proof based on what society thinks about them. In classical rhetoric, it is a reflection of the speaker's reputation. They are also known as acquired or prior to ethos because they depend on a particular perception (Crowley and Debra 200). They play a substantial role in hampering the effectiveness of the speaker because people will already have a certain perception of the speaker's ideology. Therefore, convincing them otherwise would turn out to be challenging.
Invented ethos in classical rhetoric refers to the proof that is based on the character of the speaker as brought out by their discourse. Such ethos is identified by the rhetor during the delivery and in the context of the speech (Crowley and Debra 200). It is determined by what they say rather than the reputation that they have i

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