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Essay on two question in 500 words. The Wars. Literature & Language (Essay Sample)


Answers should be written in essay format which means there should be an introduction and a conclusion and body paragraph/s. Each answer should be 400-500 words.
Question1: Who or what is a hero? After reading The Wars should we consider Robert Ross a hero? What is the purpose and what are the benefits of re-evaluating official and past narratives on heroism and revising them accordingly?
Question 2 :Some critics argue that Medicine River is meant for educating non-indigenous communities about the everyday lives and cultural practices of indigenous communities. Do you think the novel serves a purpose in educating the larger Canadian society about indigenous culture? With examples from the novel explore how the novel constructs the indigenous communities and cultures in relation to the notion of Canada.
Write one question of 500 words
And the other question of 500 words.
Total 1000 words.
Include inroduction, body paragrph”s and conclusion in just 500 words for question 1
And same with question 2
Mention the questions.


Subject and Section
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The Wars
Many wonders if heroes actually exist. There are different kinds of heroes. The fictional ones are the heroes that are seen or read in novels, books, comics, and movies. The real ones are those who are considered as modern-day heroes such as front-liners in the medical field, the military forces, etc. The jobs of these people require them to be heroes in their own profession. But when does a person considered to be a hero?

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