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Essay Test #3 Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Develop a thesis statement and support with a minimum of 1200 words. Remember that exceeding the minimum may be necessary to support thoroughly your ideas. DO NOT CONSULT ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES. PLEASE FOLLOW THE MLA FORMAT GUIDELINES. A comparison and/or contrast analysis is required for this topic.
Hedda Gabler in Ibsen’s play, Gregor in Kafka’s short story “The Metamorphosis”, Senator Sanchez in Marquez’s short story “Death Constant beyond Love”, and Azucena in Allende’s short story “And of Clay Are We Created” all meet their deaths. Analyze each character’s emotional development at his or her death. Also include how each character’s death affects other characters in the work. How has each death precipitated the surviving characters’ development? In short, who are they given these deaths?
Early in your essay you must identify a reason(s) for the examination of your
subjects’ similarities and/or differences. So your introduction identifies the
subjects being compared and/or contrasted, points of comparison and/or
contrast, and the purpose or reason for the analysis of these points.


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Emotional Development
Emotional development is a theme that most authors use in their plays to make the stories interesting. Plays and stories that excel in emotional development are those whose author conveys the emotional personality through active non-verbal communication with the correct intensity and frequency. When readers or the audience connect with the emotional level of characters, the interaction with the play becomes deep and meaningful. Authors that have taken their time to write deep emotional scenes allow the audience to take part in the story. The audience can take part in the storyline when they are sad when their favorite characters are sad and enjoy happiness together during joyous times. In stories and plays, authors create scenes that describe emotional development and emotional change. In the emotional development of a character, the story sends out the character, which ends up with the character demonstrating inner transformation. Therefore, the ultimate emotional development of characters is a step-by-step process. In stories and plays, emotional development is cumulative, long-term, and transformative. Additionally, emotional development affects other characters in various ways. Emotional change is explained by the dramatic actions where a character jumps from one emotional state to another. The essay will compare the emotional development of the characters in different plays and stories and explain how their emotional development affects the work of other characters.

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