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Essay on Franklin D. Roosevelt. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Essay on Franklin D. Roosevelt
Typed, 10-12 Font, Single Spaced, 2-3 Pages Minimum
5 Sources with a works cited page separate from the essay.
Answer the following 10 points within your essay, in paragraph format.
Who was FDR before he became President of the United States? (5 points)
What prepared him to be President? (5 points)
What was the United States going through when he became President? (5 points)
How did this help FDR become President? (5 points)
What did FDR want to hide from Americans and why? (5 points)
What role did his wife, Eleanor, play as First Lady? (5 points)
Describe the first 100 Days in office for FDR. (5 points)
What challenges did FDR face with his programs? (5 points)
Which New Deal programs, to you, were the most successful? (5 points)
Compare and Contrast FDR with leaders from today’s society such as President Obama and Trump. (5 points)
Great Depression vs. Great Recession
First 100 Days in Office
Successes and Failures
Can't use first person


Professor’s Name:
Franklin D. Roosevelt
After FDR united the Democrats behind Alfred Smith in 1924, Smith urged him to run for the governorship of New York. FDR had taken an interest in politics, and his speech in 1924 had already shown that he was ready to bask in the political sunlight. At the time, FDR was crippled from poliomyelitis, but his run for governorship showed that he could run a successful campaign. He did win the election and became the governor of New York. While serving as governor, his desire to become the president of the United States was conceived and by 1930, it was clear that he would run for office.
Before he became president, FDR had had some experience that prepared him for the job. First of all, he was a cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, a man he deeply admired and respected. 

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