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The Epic of Gilgamesh, Prologue-Chapter 3 (Essay Sample)


Read "The Epic of Gilgamesh, Prologue-Chapter 3" and write 3 paragraphs, include summary, respond and ask a philosophy question though read. (prepare a brief summary of that specific topic, together with a philosophical critique of it. You may not use outside sources, since this is not a research assignment. Conclude your response with a question inspired by the reading. )


The Epic of Gilgamesh, Prologue-Chapter 3
Information on The Epic of Gilgamesh focuses on the city of Uruk, where Shamash the glorious sun had made him beautiful. The Epic of Gilgamesh preceded other epics like the Iliad and even portions of the Bible, and while the story is fictionalized, they are based on some actual events and the story highlights human relationships and condition. King Gilgamesh was strong nod lustful like no other person and Enkidu, his brother was created to also be strong, but he ate grass. Gilgamesh advised a trapper to hire a harlot for Enkidu, and he became friends with the Enkidu and still maintained his strength. However, Enkidu's power started to vanish and Gilgamesh sought to raise a monument made of cedars dedicated to the goods, the Humbaba giant guarded the cedars and he subdued the power of the two men and god Enlil sought revenge because of this. Gilgamesh, later on, put the royal robes, and Ishtar the goddess of love promised different things including marriage, but Gilgamesh was reluctant and so she became enraged and asked her father Anu to bring the Bull of Heaven, which was meant to revenge on behalf of Ishtar. While the bull knocked Enkidu, Gilgamesh was able to defeat it and Enkidu later died, but Gilgamesh was at times selfish and he reflected on his own

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