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The Introduction to This Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya (Essay Sample)

Quick Text Theories of Comparative Literature COLI 3000 Spring 2012 Essay #4: Critical Essay on your choice of Keats' “Ode on a Grecian Urn”; Pramoedya's This Earth of Mankind; Terrance Hayes' Hip Logic and/or or Patricia Smith's Blood Dazzler; length: 5-10 pages; due: Thursday, May 3 For the final essay, develop an analysis of one of the texts we've been using as a point of reference for the theoretical debates studied over the course of the semester. You may expand on one of the three essays you have written earlier in the semester, but be sure you do so according to the following guidelines. Your essay should develop a critical reading of your selected work, drawing on at least two different theories (e.g. Russian formalism and Lacanian psychoanalysis; Aristotelian and Marxist theories; feminist and Marxist theories; “New Critical” and “postcolonial” approaches; Derridean deconstruction and critical race theory). You should develop your own reading of the work (be sure to ground your argument in specific passages quoted from the work); and you should situate your own reading in dialogue with at least one other critical reading of that work (e.g., for Keats: essays by Eva Brann, Cleanth Brooks, or Donald Keesey; for Pramoedya, the introduction to This Earth of Mankind by Max Lane, or essays found via Project Muse or JSTOR (library databases); for Smith and Hayes, reviews by Kaczmarek and Pavlic). Your final essay, then, should include the following: 1. your own critical reading of the chosen text (be sure to base your analysis on concrete examples quoted from the text) 2. references to at least two different theories (again be sure to quote from the theorists you are drawing from) 3. references to at least one critical discussion of your chosen text (again, quote from the source). 4. follow MLA style formatting, using parenthetical in-text references for all quotations and include a Works Cited page. Please be sure to follow this exact guidelines, pick whatever topic you prefer but follow the guidelines and include as many direct quotes as possible. source..
The Introduction to This Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya
The earth of mankind was the first novel written in the pram toer’s Buru quartet. It gives details of the life of an Indonesian called Minke. Mind e understands that the world in which he lives, expands as a result of education and interaction with the characters whose motives are revealed in the BQ novels (Fenster).Ann E. Sherman, 2006 gave an explanation of PT who has the gift of epigeram, says
“pity is the feeling of well intentioned people who are unable to act and that their soul and the psyche are not mentioned in the official letters”.
He adds by asking this question:
” how can human beings are looked upon purely from the point of official documents without considering their essence as human beings?”
Pramoedya was a supporter of Sukarno and especially the great communist party in Indonesia. He was a very strong advocate and he never supported the revolution. He was totally against the group which called for free speech which was advocating for freedom of ideas and basic human rights for all (the manifest kebudayaan). He called for those people who were for the idea of free speech to be pushed aside and get banned. When one member called Lubis was jailed, Pramoedya never spoke any word on how he was treated while in exile on the Bulu Island. On the other hand when Pramoedya got jailed by Suharto, Lubis ensured that he has gotten the paper and typewriter by making frequent visits while in the Bulu Island.
Pramoedya seemed to blame all Indonesia’s problems on foreign influence and ideas. He proposed a solution of adapting the china’s version of communism without thinking hat Marx and Mao were Indonesians.
According to Bro Chan, Pramoedya talks about economic, religious and racial turmoil in the “jewel of the pacific”. The nations are left nowadays in a deep silent and cry for the fate of their land. They are stunned by the political storm around them. They believe that their ancestors did something right for their independence from colonialism despite that something is missing. Through Mr. Toer map, he gives a clue on how the missing era reconnects with children of Indonesia today so that their buried past to relight the fire of genuine nationalism. He drew this map to let them find their root as a nation (Max 28).
A customer who read Pramoedya’s works tells us Pramoedya expands to give the experience of seeing science unravel its power in front of mankind, to be better or worse through the eyes of the main character. In this case people are forced to question themselves on identity, our own deeds, our own laws which govern the land, our suffering and finally on the oppression of other humankind. The customer adds further that Pramoedya has opened her eyes to make her see things surrounding culture, the country in terms of its history in an effort to see come to good terms with colonization closel...
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