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English Observation Essay (Essay Sample)

Hi writer, I attached my notes and you can add on them. Also, I need two pages essay and 1 page for the outline please. Also, I'm an international student so make it as simple as you can. Regards, Huda source..
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English Observation Essay
I went to Whole Food Grocery store downtown to have some fun after spending all week in school. The week had been hectic. Hence, I resolved to go and have some time out. On the other hand, this was the first time I visited that fast food grocery. I had been hearing people talk a lot about what normally happens in the grocery but had not personally gone there. Now that, I had some few dollars with me and had some free time, I thought this was the best moment for me to feel and experience what the grocery was offering. In most cases, I was very much convinced that the place was much better than Wall Mart. Wall Mart was the grocery I used to frequent before discovering Whole Grocery.
There were many differences between these two fast food groceries. First and foremost, Wall Mart had too many people to count. I could see that the grocery was as busy as a bee. The people I saw were of different backgrounds. They were whites, blacks and those from Asia. Some people were just sitting on tables conversing in low tones. Others were eating different delicacies and you could feel the juicy nature of the fast food grocery.
Additionally, the people included all ages. There were kids, young people, the middle aged and the old. Some of the people especially the middle aged and the young were very busy studying as they sipped their soft drinks. This gave me a feeling that the food grocery was a library in disguise. The elderly and the old were busy engrossed reading magazines and newspapers. In addition, kids and some young people were reading story books near their parents and guardians.
The place had also the lighting of its own which was very magnificent. Although it was during the day, I saw neon bulbs decorated in different rainbow colors glowing as if the fast food grocery was celebrating Christmas carols. To be specific, the lighting within the fast food grocery wa...
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