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English - "July's People" (Essay Sample)

Based on the novel July's People by Nadine Gordimer ***** The novel July's people, focuses on the growth and evolution of Maureen. How do you think is her growth traced in the novel? ***** Double spaced, 12 point font size, one sided paper, MLA adherence, 700-800 words Clarity: - Sentence structure, word choice, logical connections. - Proof read and edit. - Having one or two key ideas that you develop in the essay. Or, using 3-5 smaller points that lead towards one key idea. 2. Relevance (concept and ideas): - Address the specific question/topic - Demonstrate an understanding of key ideas associated with the course - Use, apply, or assess relevant course ideas 3. Insight: - “Value added” - Conclusion and synthesis - What kinds of connections/relationships among the key ideas do you draw source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: English – “July`S People” The novel covers on a white liberal South African family, which was forced to escape from Johannesburg to a native village of their black servant, July. The Smales family are hosted by July`s village for their survival as they depend on them for everything they need. July is the leader of his village and the Smales family appreciates July as a compassionate human being than the servant they thought he was. I will elaborate on the growth and evolution of Maureen and how it is traced in the novel, July`s people. The lives of the Smales family turned around as they shifted to be with July and his people because they symbolized the white society of colonialism in South Africa. The roles changed as their servant become their master since July provided for them in all they needed. The Smales family tightened their grip on their possessions and properties because they did not want to abandon their past denying every attempt economic balance. Maureen is depicted as the novel`s protagonist and the negative image of the white liberal who are not willing to face the reality. The author of the novel reiterates that July`s people could be seen as primarly and admonitory, its warning incorporated at every stage in the depiction of the alien roles thrust on its white protagonists forced to flee their threatened white city to the protection of their servant`s tiny village in the bush. To relegate t...
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