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Examining The Rhetorical Context: Why English Is A Global Language (Essay Sample)


Learning Objectives In this project, you will learn to , Analyze persuasive texts by examining the rhetorical context, argument strategies and textual features , Understand how to analyze the rhetorical features of various types of texts and images , Understand various perspectives on the global spread of the English language , Examine how arguments can be developed and presented to accomplish a rhetorical purpose , Write a critical analysis essay using the framework of rhetorical analysis


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Why English is a Global Language: A Rhetorical Analysis Essay in Kukurs' “10 Reasons why English is the World's Language”
Over the past years, English has inarguably developed to reach the global language status and in many countries in the world, it is known to be a lingua franca. From education sector to business industry, the language has gained usage in all facets. It is true therefore, that English has become a global language, and a majority of English users today comes from different language backgrounds who grew up speaking other languages. One such man who acknowledges this fact is Robby Kukurs in his article “10 Reasons why English is the World's Language” published in his blog site The author argues that while he met daunting challenges learning the language as a non-native speaker, he strongly believes that English is a global language that is used across multiple industries (Kukurs). Like Kukurs, many people around the world regard the English language as the world language because of its widespread usage in diverse industries. Although Kukurs explains in a simple and informal language why English is regarded as the world's language, his attempt to appeal the readers wanes as he fails to support his claims with sources and commits logical fallacies.
Kukurs begins with his personal story about his first encounter with English language when he was about 10 years old, his continued love for it, and then goes ahead explaining the 10 reasons why he believes English is the world's language. In his article, he lists these reasons and offers accompanying explanations why he makes such a claim. The author starts by indicating how the English language has gained usage as a business and finance language of choice. In his second point, he points to the worldwide domination of the English language within the entertainment industry, giving an example of the Hollywood blockbusters. His third point is relatively related to the second. He advises the audience that in order to be successful as a singer, they must use English. The importance of English as an original language in publications is also acknoiwldged by the author. Simplicity, versatility, and sophistication as important attributes of the language are discussed by Kukurs in the fith and sixth points. Kukurs describes English the language used by most tourisms and in authoring the world wide web. In his last two points, the author concludes by terming English as a language that affords some form of social status and often used in the most power states in the world.
In his article, Kukurs sets up the stage by narrating his fascination with the English language despite the fact that he comes from a non-English speaking country. His primary audience is the non-native English users struggling to learn the language. The writer gives his audience a sense of motivation and the importance of learning English. However, this motivation appears at some point as a mockery to the non-English speaking audience when he indirectly terms their countries as “unimportant” compared to the English speaking states (Kukurs). This stance makes it difficult to achieve his objective of convincing more people to take action, as it sounds rather racist. The secondary audience is the English speakers who can read and admit to his claims. The writer offers reasonable arguments why English has gained such a popularity supporting his assertions with examples. According to the author, English is widely used in business and finance, entertainment, education and in and a number of other industries, making it a common language across the globe.

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