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ENG 251 Literary Analysis Essay Assignment: A Model of Christian Charity (Essay Sample)

Follow the instruction in the attachment. Based on ENG_251_Literary_Analysis_Essay_Assignment.pdf source..
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A Model of Christian Charity
A Model of Christian Charity is John Winthrop's 1630 sermon delivered aboard the ship Arabella which was en route to Massachusetts Bay. Winthrop was a Puritan governor who aimed at leading his people in accordance with the Biblical principles. He desired to make New England the ‘City upon a Hill' which he drew from the scriptures Mathew 5:14. ‘A city upon a hill is like a lamp which cannot be hidden; just like people do not light a lamp and place it under a bowl, instead it is hoisted in an outstanding place for all to see.' In his sermon, Winthrop curves out a model that he teaches to his people and urges them to abide by it. He intended to plant a new society within a perilous environment based upon a time when the British wanted to found their economy on Christian ideals. This was later emulated in the 17thC by the Americans to portray their exceptionalism (Carpenter). Winthrop stirs up a reoccurring theme of love which encapsulates his entire message.
In the beginning, Winthrop believes that ‘God predestined the society to bear disparities in that in the cycle of existence, some people are rich while others are poor. Some are powerful whereas others are humble' (Winthrop, 33). Still he presents that all men are equal and no one is more honorable or superior to another hence, the rich have no right to boast while the poor have no reason to complain. God ordained such differences so that every man might find need for another (Winthrop, 33) and consequently be ‘knit together in the bond of brotherly love' (1 Corinthians 13).
To dispatch this information, Winthrop uses a tone of sympathetic nature combined with logical reasoning. He is keen to encourage his audience on board and offers them words of comfort. He emphasizes on the need to love ev...
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