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ENG 102: A Double-Edged Sword - Video Game (Essay Sample)


1. Help me fix the feedback in origin essay, you should check the xlsx document for the pointless.
2.Some parts of this are strong, but the cause & effect isn't as clear as you make it seem. Also, I don’t think I saw any rhetorical analysis.
3. you did good rhetorical analysis last time, good luck!


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ENG 102
A Double-Edged Sword - Video Game
With the development of the internet and electronic devices, video games have rapidly developed around the world. Video games have become a new way of entertainment and are favored among people especially in the younger generation, and it has a significant influence on people’s work and life. On the one hand, video games are truly a great way to relax and reduce stress. In addition, video games involve the interaction with both computers and teammates, so it strengthens reaction ability, expansive social circles, and tight connection with friends. On the other hand, video game contains more or less violent content, and people who long time contact violent content can do some aggression behavior in real life. College students are in a physical and psychological growing stage, so whether and how video game affect them has become a debatable topic for students themselves, their parents and their teachers. Long-time playing video game has a negative impact on students’ health, social relationships and academic performances.
The paper begins building on both positive and negative effects of video games on the students and incorporates reputable facts and sources which bring out a convincing argument hence it successfully employs logical appeals. The systematic arrangement of the paper helps to create credibility. Therefore, as much as video games are a form of entertainment, it comes with negative effects which can have long term effects on an individual. Video game addiction brings about poor mental and physical health in individuals. There are very strong sources throughout the paper which play a role in strengthening the credibility of the paper and builds the argument together with appealing to the ethos.
First, the beginning of video game addiction is related to both poor mental health and physical fitness. Addiction to video games has huge harm on students’ mental development. As we all know, video games appear to be a new form of entertainment and it involves interactive activities by the players and extensive concentration by players when playing. If students play a video game for a long time, it is easy to be addicted to a video game. Loton finds that “Our analysis found a direct effect between video game addiction and symptoms of each condition measured, with anxiety showing the largest relationship followed by stress and depression. This is in line with several other studies which have found associations between video game addiction and poorer mental health” (575). This indicates long- time video game playing even video game addiction has an extremely negative influence on players’ mental health and emotional changes. Video games have been connected with the rise in aggressive behaviors and a decline in prosocial behaviors among the youths. Moreover, Loton states, “A Dutch study of 13 to 16-year old also found that video game addiction was associated with higher levels of depressed mood” (567). Because Video games are filled with fighting, shooting and competition, students who are trapped in the video game’s world are usually surrounded by the emotion in games, such as, nervous, anxious, helpless and angry, etc. These emotions are often negative, and long-time immerse even addiction in video games finally damage the mental world of students. As the time goes on, students who are addicted to it become pessimistic and introverted, and playing a video game is the only way to displace themselves.
Good health is a foundation for all activities, but long-time contact with video games and electronic devices leads to poor health. Eyesight which is stable in a student who does not have lengthy interactions with video gam...

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