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What Are The Effects Of The Use Of Technology In This Society? (Essay Sample)


Please write an essay based on the information that “What are the effects of the technology in this society” compare between the book 《Feed》and the film WALL-E
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What are the effects of technology in this society?
Technology has changed almost all facets of human life. In the recent past since the advent of the computing age, the depiction of the future of technology in movies and other media shows a grim picture of how technology may enslave humans and or exterminate them from the face of the planet. Some people are more optimistic and paint a better picture where robots will help humans in their shortcomings such as exploration of space or the deep trenches in oceans. Other people are pessimistic that technology will create more intelligent beings who will kill humans or enslave them while they become the leaders of the planet. These dystopian and utopian views of the future are unquantifiable but they help us to see the possible ways in which technology can affect humans in both positive and negative ways.
In the book Feed, the author shows how futuristic technology that some of the big tech companies are pursuing can affect humans. The plot of the book is centered on Violet and her life as a late entrant into the Feed having installed at age seven. The system malfunctions and she ends up losing her life due to the very technology that she sought. The technology company fails to help her when in need since her user data was unreliable owing to a shopping spree she did to create a false shopping algorithm. From the book Feed, it is clear that some aspect of technology are disastrous to humans especially the poor who cannot afford the premium services the big tech companies offer CITATION Ayl18 \l 1033 (Cartwright). Technology continues to create a big divide in the community with the poor unable to afford lifechanging technology when they need it.
Additionally, technology can enable humans to become an interstellar species. Violet is on a visit to the moon when she meets Simon. The moon base seems well equipped enough for humans to live normally as it has facilities like hospitals. The depiction of interstellar life in the Feed mirrors what movies have been showing that man can colonize and live in space or on the lunar surface. All these possibilities are thanks to development of technology.
In the case of WALL-E technology enables humans to leave earth and still live a relatively normal life in space. Even in the feed, the kind of life the people live on Lunar surface seems relatively very normal. It is also possible that some people live there rather than on the planet. It shows that man with help of technology has colonized a very harsh environment for any other life form as we know it on earth and has succeeded in establishing a colony in that place. The space is oxygen less a, has microgravity and it is like living in a vacuum. It is also

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