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Effects of Climate Change on Children’s Health (Essay Sample)


Write a cause and effect essay about climate change on children's health. Find two sources from online lectures and make a work cited. Use simple vocabularies and grammar.
I want two sources from two different online lectures


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Effects of Climate Change on Children’s Health
Climate change refers to the changing weather patterns that are experienced in different parts of the world. The most significant contributor to this phenomenon is human activities. In the last few decades, people have been cutting down trees and releasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Deforestation interferes with the composition of the atmospheric gases leading to global warming, which is a significant threat to humanity. In addition, the emission of carbon dioxide forms a blanket-like a layer that prevents hot air from rising. Climate change, which is significantly caused by human activities, have adverse effects on children’s health.
The primary cause of climate change is the emission of greenhouse gases from vehicles and manufacturing industries. When these gases are released in the atmosphere, they prevent warm air from rising. In particular, when air is heated, it becomes less dense and rises. On the contrary, cold air goes down since it is heavy. Climate change tampers with the air circulation, resulting in longer heatwaves than normal (Ahdoot and Pacheco e1469). When it becomes hot outside, many children do not go to the playing grounds. These young people remain indoors playing video games and chatting with their virtual friends over the Internet. The effect of the lack of playing is obesity, which might cause other chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, and heart illnesses. Moreover, the increase in temperature and greenhouse gases are harmful to people’s lungs. When pregnant women inhale these gases, they pass them to their fetuses, which might result in lifelong health issues.
Climate change fosters the spread of vector-borne diseases in various parts of the world. Besides, the rise of temperatures favors the multiplication of vectors such as mosquitoes, bacteria, pathogens, and fleas. These microorganisms transmit diseases to children since they act as carriers (Perera 144). As such, some diseases such as malaria continue to affects many young people in different parts of the world, particularly those regions where healthcare facilities are inaccessible. The impact of increasing vectors is illnesses to numerous children. In some cases, the mutation of vectors causes diseases that are difficult to cure, such as the Zika virus. When young individu

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