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EECE: The Perception Of Public Schooling (Essay Sample)


Guiding Questions: Who is the “public” in “public schooling”? What is the purpose of public schooling? Whose interests are served through educational policies? Should everyone have access to the “same” education?
In your own words, summarize the collection of readings as a group.
Identify a short quote from one or more readings, and explain why you chose that quote.
Pose a carefully considered question (or questions) about the readings.
Please no outside source all sources must come from the book that i provided.
read chapter 9






When evaluating the many achievements made by the education reforms, various issues have been raised about the tangible evidence of school reforms. In an article by Charles Haynes titled, A Teacher's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools, the article presents some of the troubling questions about school reforms. The authors highlight the perception of schooling, revealing how school curriculum has become cumbersome with no central core. The authors present the meaning of public schooling from a different perspective stating that:

"Wealthier people tend to understand education or, more specifically, schooling as a credentialing mechanism. They realize it is important for their children to get into the "right" schools with the "right" teachers so that they can be admitted into the "right" colleges and universities ultimately take their "rightful" place in society" (Haynes 14).

The above quote reveals how public schooling has not benefited poor children as perceived by education reform experts. The idea of labeling and sorting of children is usually based on social class, race and ethnicity; therefore, white students from wealthy backgrounds believed to have

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