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Editorial-article-style essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


In this assignment all the references must be related to ERIE COUNTY COMMUNITY.
Engaging the reader will be the number-one priority here.
it will not be writing in journalistic form, entirely, but focus quite a lot on short paragraphs made up of short statements that make points plainly and efficiently. Your submission will also be due with a graphical element of some sort that would help your reader to understand your point if your op-ed were published.
Minimum length of 750 words; maximum length of 800 words -- include a word count
12-point Arial or Times New Roman font
Double-spaced paragraphs
Required: an image or other graphical element to support your position
I want you to use, read and discuss about the below topic which is about the spread of covid 19 in Erie county jail and the ways to minimize the spread :
The writer should be able to convince the reader that they need to care about the issue which is SPREAD OF COVID 19 IN ERIE COUNTY JAIL AND HOW IT AFFECT THE WHOLE COMMUNITY.
The assignment must :
Define the issue -- write about it in enough factual detail that someone who wasn’t aware of it before understands it now.
Demonstrate the timeliness of the issue -- the issue has probably been important for a long time, but what makes it so necessary to deal with it now?
Discuss the issue’s scope -- how many groups of people does the issue have the potential to affect, and how large an area does the issue have the potential to affect?
Finally, suggest something that could be done about the issue -- what actions could be taken to not only treat the effects of the issue but to also remedy its causes?
After you have taken the above stances, defend your issue by trying to anticipate and respond to possible opposing arguments.
I paid for 825 words but as I mentioned it should be Minimum length of 750 words; maximum length of 800 words .
All the references must be related to Erie county or NYC, united state.
minimum 3 references.
Please don't forget an IMAGE or other graphical element to support your position.


The Call for a Response in the COVID Situation in Erie County Jail

Coronavirus pandemic has been the center of social activities today. As people are applying preventive measures to avoid contracting or spreading the disease, the world is trying to heal from the virus's rapid spread. The coronavirus started in the late year of 2019 when the news of a virus disease broke out in Wuhan, China. It was until the early of the year 2020 that this virus spread across the world. As a countermeasure, countries minimize or shut borders on land, air, and sea. Some started a nationwide mass testing on their citizens to track down the infected people and avoid further infections. Later on, the World Health Organization reported the coronavirus disease as a pandemic as more countries started reporting cases. It has become more alarming when the mortality rates across countries increase while other countries continue to have a rapid increase in cases.

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