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Arturo Bandini’s Mindset in Ask the Dust by John Fante. (Essay Sample)


-Present an interpretation of the progress of Arturo Bandini's mindset in the novel "Ask the dust" in a persuasive paper directed by a debatable thesis statement .
-Identify the insight Arturo comes by at the end of the novel in the thesis.
-Track his progress toward this new insight using process of explanation and cause and effect patterns of organization.
-Predict what you believe will happen after the novel ends in thew conclusion paragraph
-Integrate at least 2 quotes per body paragraph from the novel according to MLA style
-Size 12 font , double spaced , Times New Roman font


Arturo Bandini’s Mindset in Ask the Dust by John Fante
Ask the Dust is one of the well-known novels involving the character Arturo Bandini. The character is used by John Fante, an Italian-American author, in a series of biographical narratives. In this novel, Arturo Bandini is coming of age and relocates to Los Angeles from Colorado in late years of 1930s. At the time of relocation, he is 20 years and aims to start his career as an author. Throughout the story his mindset progresses due to cause and effect circumstances. He progresses to a new insight through various circumstances. He throws his book in the desert as an affirmation of the art as well as rejection of it. This is an affirmation because he shows the love of Camilla. Bandini’s act of disposing the book in the desert at daybreak culminates novel serial experiences. The book is both tragic and funny, depicting the diverse experiences of the protagonist and his progress to a new insight.

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