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drug test in work place (Essay Sample)

Read the tract then write a essay include answering the following question. 1)What are the justification for workplace drug testing? 2) how do this drug testing affect employees civil rights? 3) what classes of employees, prospective or current, would you test? source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: DRUG TESTING IN WORK PLACES Drug testing has been a consistent practice in work places for a reasonable period. it involves testing employees through their biological specimen such as hair, urine, blood, oral fluid or sweat, to detect the presence of drugs. Drug test came about due to the claims by Research Triangle Institute as well as other researchers, that the use of drug is likely to cause a fortune to the economy of any country and world at large. These findings have encouraged numerous companies to practice it upon their employees, using various justifications and regardless of the fact that these employees may be affected by the act. The work place testing of drugs is said to be effective in helping the company realize or control the potential slag in production. There is an argument that the employees would not work effectively under the influence of drugs because they are not usually in their right sense, making it quite difficult to comprehend what they are doing. The occupational Health and Safety Act supports drug testing upon in the work places since the employers are required to provide safe environment of working for all people. In addition, the Drug Free Work place Act that was passed in nineteen eighty-eight needs federal contractors in maintaining workplaces that are free of drugs. The companies that are in the lead in drug testing in the workplaces may be rewarded because of performing this exercise. For instance, Ohio offers grants worth around twenty thousand dollars to the companies that would be willing to put up setting programs as well as giving a discount of twenty percent on the premiums of worker concentration. This shows the way drug testing is valued and the way it is being endorsed in companies. Drug testing is likely to reduce the use of drugs by the employees, meaning that if this would persist, the world would be an economical healthy place for all people. A performed exhibit illustrates the rate that had of positive tests of drug that had declined in a period of eighteen years at Quest Diagnostics, which is the biggest commercial company for testing. More research shows that the companies that practice random testing are usually capable of reducing their problem of abuse to a lesser amount than one percent of the employees. Most of the companies that deals with drug testing maybe from the government agencies or companies specifically assigned for the practice. However, this kind of drug testing tends to violate the civil rights of the employees, especially those without consent. The fundamental problems or controversies that arose amongst the heated debate regarding this issue are the questions of maintaining balance between the employers and employees. there was need to both consider the employer in the right of protecting their properties as well as the employees whose rights to privacy are likely to be violated. The exercise of testing drugs in places of wo...
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