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Drama Essay Oedipus the King (Essay Sample)

Name of the play : Oedipus the King The topic : How does irony undercut the roles that locaste/Jocaste plays as Queen, mother, and wife as the play moves along, particularly since one of the attributes of being a "just" Queen involves using logic, reason (letting others speak and explain themselves), and appropriate social controls? The thesis statement should be underlined with three main reasons listed for argument total of 5 paragraphs Must avoid giving a summary unless a minimal one is necessary to explain some particular point Quotation from the play can be used to prove a point specific spoken lines from the play must be used and cited correctly as in (Scene1, li.5) source..
Name: School: Course: Tutor: Date: Oedipus the King: How Does Irony Undercut the Roles That Locaste/Jocasta Plays? This assignment analyzes the character traits of Jocasta in the Drama Oedipus the King. Jocasta is the wife of Eodipus and her son as well she married him in unclear circumstances to both of them because Oedipus had killed his father not knowing him and ended up marrying Jocasta. Jocasta in the play is the queen of Thebes therefore he plays several roles in the play such as wife, queen and a mother. Throughout these roles there are instances which Irony did undercut the many roles which she plays. This most notable character is her ignorance such that she ended up marrying her son Oedipus and they had children together. It is ironical on how King Laius was married to Jocasta and they had a child Eodipus whom they abandoned at the mountain to die after he got a prophecy that he will be killed by his son and eventually marry his wife. Due to believe they had in accordance to Ancient Greece the baby Eodipus was pierced at the ankles and abandoned at the mountain to die. That way the death of the child would be in the hands of the gods and not the parents. However, that did not happen Eodipus did not die as wished and he eventually lived to fulfill the prophecy he had that. He will kill his father and marry his mother although he did not know them. This is what happened, the irony is the fact that Jocasta who abandoned Eodipus when he was young she loves him now and want him to be her husband. She is introduced in the play towards its end at the second episode when there was a confrontation between Creon and Oedipus. She was angry with their act of fighting publically and urged them to behave rationally. This portrays her as a strong woman with authority someone who is ready to pacify conflict and speak out her mind. It is also evident that her character in the different roles which she pl...
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