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Don't Touch Marijuana: Environmental Effects (Essay Sample)


Purpose and Description

The work you have completed up to this point in the semester has prepared you to join a conversation as an informed, thoughtful, and persuasive writer. Among other things, you have identified relevant topics, gathered various types of information, and analyzed a range of arguments. Your aim, now, will be to compose an argumentative essay in which you position yourself within a “conversation” involving your topic. Please consider the following as you undertake this assignment.

The Composing Process

  • Introduce your topic and define the scope of your paper;
  • Offer some background on your topic and why it should be of interest to readers;
  • Use your sources to inform your audience but also strengthen your own position;
  • Identify where you stand with respect to competing perspectives;
  • Draw a conclusion about the topic that adds something new to the conversation;

The audience for this assignment is your instructor, your classmates, and, in general, anyone who can access and read information online. You should anticipate that readers have some education and knowledge of the subject but do not necessarily possess a clear or complete understanding of it. Your aim, ultimately, should be to move your readers in some way: whether to shift their thinking about the topic or to motivate them to take a particular action (or both).

Specific Requirements Your essay should:

  • Articulate and develop a clear and compelling thesis;
  • Position your argument within a recognizable conversation;
  • Include a minimum of 5 sources;
  • Be written in a clear, precise, and active prose style;
  • Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of the essay;
  • Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline (consult your course syllabus and schedule for details).

The work of joining a conversation is not easy. As you have learned throughout the course, it requires careful research and an ongoing commitment to learning from what others have to say; more than that, it also involves having something novel to say on your own. Your goal for this paper should be to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic you have researched and reflect a skilled approach of someone who is committed to his or her craft—a writer who not only has something meaningful to say but one who can also say it well. Please contact me if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.


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Don't touch marijuana
In today's society, a growing number of people reject what is absolutely right and wrong. Therefore, discussing wrong and right with regards to marijuana raises a lot of emotions and reactions. However, since its inception in ancient China, marijuana was only used for medicinal purposes and not pleasure or entertainment. Hence, it is only morally correct to use marijuana for its initial purposes. Nonetheless, legalization of pot in regions such as Colorado, Washington, and in some countries has already created a hot debate on the impact of the drug in our societies. The adverse effects attached to the use of marijuana range from health factors, environmental damage, and escalating crime rates. Hence, while critics argue that pot is essential in the development of today's world, I argue that we should not touch marijuana through favorable laws. This is because the effects associated with marijuana consumption in our society are detrimental.
Health effects of marijuana
Firstly, the use of marijuana may result in a society that is not mentally fit. Marijuana consumption leads to both short term, and long term mental effects. Marijuana has tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical substance that is responsible for many mental problems. According to Volkow (2014), usage of marijuana at an early age leads to mental illness such as psychosis and schizophrenia. Furthermore, the drug causes hallucinations which results in anxiety and a sense of paranoia if taken in large quantities. In addition, marijuana causes memory lapse. For instance, the inability of people to remember something that just happened a few minutes ago. Therefore, marijuana leads to a short term memory lapse. More so, Marijuana leads to lack of concentration and panicky feelings. Long-term use of marijuana has negative effects on the brain function which include an inability to learn and massive depression.
Secondly, another effect of marijuana on the health of users is the redness of the eyes that occurs immediately after consuming it. THC; a chemical component in marijuana dilates the blood vessels in the eye by reducing the blood pressure. This is because marijuana impacts the dilation of the pupil. High doses of marijuana impact the peripheral vision. This may even cause total blindness in the long-term to the users of marijuana. As a result of marijuana usage, there has been an increase in the rate of accidents on our roads. The number of collisions reported to insurance companies in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, increased by 3% after commercialization of marijuana, (Solommonsen-Sautel et al, 2014). Therefore, legalization of marijuana in areas that are still to legalize it will lead to more accidents and blindness.
Marijuana and cancer
Marijuana plant has 4000 known chemicals that break down into extremely many sub chemical substances once it is used. Only a few of the sub-chemicals like THC create the actual “high” in people. However, the other many sub-chemicals are toxins and poisonous, that scientists have proved they are directly related to cancer infection. One of the hazardous chemicals is carcinogen which breaks down the gene that enhances cells development. Therefore, carcinogen increases the vulnerability of the lungs to cancer in the long-term.
During marijuana smoking, holding the smoke in lungs leads to great exposure to the hazardous chemicals in marijuana. Furthermore, scientific evidence has revealed that chronic marijuana users develop larynx and mouth cancer. Their lips become black and black spots appear between fingers, (Marks, 2015). In addition, scientists indicate marijuana usage increase the potential of one gett...

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