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Does Artificial Intelligence Benefits For Human? (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you will create a detailed research proposal.
A research proposal is a formal presentation of your plan for your research
writing project. A proposal helps pull together the planning you've done,
identify the areas where you need additional planning, and assess the progress
you've made.
At times, we have ideas that turn out to be problematic due to a lack of clarity
and/or support. Research proposals are an opportunity for you to prepare a
course of action early in the research process. Research proposals force us to
move beyond our initial enthusiasm at having found a potentially interesting
idea into considering the larger picture of whether this idea can become a solid,
supportable argument.

Audience: a peer who is unfamiliar with your topic

Genre: exploratory outline

Purpose: to begin forming a cohesive research plan with the intention of receiving peer reviewed feedback

Due: March 2nd on Canvas

Unit Grade Worth: 15% of final grade

Length: 750-1000 words double-spaced

Format: MLA

Unit Grade Breakdown

Peer Review: 10%

Unit 2 Paper:90%
The article calls for meeting the theme of sustainable development and environmental protection. It is best to write down the importance of education for sustainable development and the benefits of artificial intelligence to the environment,
For example, to reduce energy consumption and the like. It's great if you have a better idea. I will attach my paper1 but there is no sustainable development theme,
Can do some reference


Zhiding Liang
Mary Dawson
ENGL 1120
Does artificial intelligence benefits for human?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computerized system that exhibits a behavior that is known to utilize a certain level of intelligence. AI can also be referred to as a system that can solve complex problems in a rational manner, or adopt more rational actions in doing particular tasks in real life circumstances. A more advanced approach defines Artificial Intelligence as a system that exhibits possession of cognitive, architectural, and neural networks similar to those of human beings, and therefore able to act like human beings. In the recent past, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been helpful to human in addressing some of the biggest life challenges in the society while creating new markets and opportunities for improving human life standards. The futuristic society is depicted to have an over-reliance on Artificial Intelligence. In this case, the machines will be an integrated part of human existence. According to Calo (98), the machines will be designed to “be like human beings” instead of “working like human beings.” The fact that they are artificial, a human clone cannot be termed as a perfect human. High dependency on machines makes humans vulnerable to risks associated with AI if things get out of hand.
Artificial intelligence can really helpful with the educational data mining. (Ryan S.J.d. Baker) As the Ryan says in article: “educational data mining methods have had some level of impact on education and related interdisciplinary fields (such as artificial intelligence in education, intelligent tutoring systems, and user modeling)” which refers to an aspect that artificial intelligence can do something in the future education. Moreover, I think artificial intelligence can be a good teacher for children. As we all know, little children sometimes cannot really understand the love of their parents and parents also do not know how to make little children willing to study new things. However, artificial intelligence can fix this problem by her huge data base. She can easily find interesting study materials to make little children be interested in new things. All in all, artificial intelligence is good for people cause it can be useful in the future education.
In another aspect, artificial intelligence also benefits for traffic. Yongchang Ma presents: “a framework for real-time highway traffic condition assessment using vehicle kinetic information, which is likely to be made available from vehicle-infrastructure integration (VII) systems, in which vehicle and infrastructure agents communicate to improve mobility and safety.”This idea is generally stated the artificial intelligence's advantages and the VII system are actually the base type of artificial intelligence. This system can better give warning to drivers and better to control the traffic system every busy time. In general, I believe artificial intelligence will be helpful to people by its function in the traffic system.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been helpful to human in addressing environmental challenges and sustainable development. The significance of AI in our lives is evident, ranging from smart vehicles which may have saved many lives across the world, and to improved mobility for the elderly and those with physical disabilities (Russell et al. 23). Additionally, such smart vehicles have reduced the rate of energy consumption, which has been a challenging issue across the world. Through AI, manufacturing and construction innovations have been applied which have led to reduced carbon emissions and high rate of energy saving. AI-enhanced medical equipment and healthcare have proven to be vital because they extend the life an...

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