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Dialogue Paper: Moral And Ethical Considerations (Essay Sample)


Requires you to conduct a philosophical dialogue with a member of the larger community. You must find someone outside of the campus community to talk with. The dialogue project will culminate in a written paper/evaluation (minimum 1,000 words—formal writing requirements apply).





Dialogue Paper
There are specific sets of principles that guide our conduct; these sets of ethical guidelines help us distinguish between morally acceptable behaviors from unacceptable behavior. We use these principles to evaluate and make appropriate decisions. At some point in our life, we are faced with ethical choices that seem complicated, but our decisions are mostly guided by both our personal and professional values. Personal and professional values play a vital role in decision making; therefore, it's important to understand some of the contemporary ethical issues.

Dialogue is an important process because dialogues reveal how both moral and ethical values are important in determining what is right and wrong based individual worldview. This paper is an evaluation of my recent interview with a physician working at the local hospital, with several years of experience in the medical field. The paper is a summary of an interview where he discussed some of the moral and ethical considerations on the best course of action when handling some of the controversial topics that have generated mixed reactions from the public for many years.

Abortion is one of the controversial subjects among many medical practitioners, during my recent interview, the physician viewed abortion as unethical. Although he acknowledged the fact that certain medical complications may require abortion. Similarly, the physician also stated that patients are free to choose their treatment preferences. But as physicians, they are guided by the physician code of conduct that mainly emphasized on autonomy, beneficence, and non-maleficence. Physicians have no choice but to obey patients

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