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diagnostics essay Writing Skills (Essay Sample)

Write a 2 page essay on your perspective of the relationship between writing and your major. In other words, make an argument on why writing is or is not important for you to be successful in your major, your career, and as a graduate Management Major source..

Writing Skills

For anyone to succeed in their academic endeavors, they have to possess certain amount of skill that goes along acquiring knowledge. Writing skills are part of that skill set that one cannot do away with in their academics. As one gains the invaluable knowledge that pertains to their major, they have to possess the ability to express that knowledge through writing or speech. In most of the examination platforms, the writing and presentation skills are the key competencies that help the student to express how much they know and have understood with respect to the questions at play. Where the writing skills are lucking the student is going to have a lot of problems expressing their understanding of the subject matter. Unlike the other forms of writing such as, in creative writing and journalism, this skill is a necessity at the university, since the students have to be in a position to bring out the right tone, style and technique for their academic assessments. While most of the students may feel that they do not need to develop sharp writing skills, it is crucial to note that, using the skill does not end at the schooling level, but lives beyond affecting not only the grades but also coping with life.
To convey complex ideas in the most clinical and objective manner, one needs sharp writing skills that will easily and precisely send home the message. It makes it very easy to identify the patterns of logical thoughts from someone with good writing skills, while in the contrary the message can be misconstrued to mean something entirely different, where the writing skills are lacking. Part of the writing skills show that the person has great masterly of the language they are using, even before looking into the content of the message. This is evident from the way the student chooses the words to use when passing the message, with great precision of the message tone and the style of delivery.
Writing skills, therefore, affect all the areas of study of any student since they have to write their examinations. Even where the students are taking pure sciences that mostly involve calculations and formulas, the student still has to illustrate how the various variables interact within different environments, which they can only do effectively if they have the writing skills. As such, whichever the profession or field of expertise, writing skills are part of the backbone of communication skills. Research has shown that, where the students have mastered the art of writing their logical thoughts in the most comprehensible way, they also tend to develop the art of coming up with ideas and creating connections between the ideas to make logical conclusions in a natur...
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