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The development of Burn Man's character (Essay Sample)

Write this essay need read the article "Burn Man on a Texas Porch" written by Mark Anthony Jarman first. English is not my first language, so please don't use too complex sentences. source..
The development of Burn Man’s character
From the beginning of the story, we see the character changing and this has continued through the story. His encounter with fire that left both pain and scars in his body and as seen in the story he even had to under go a series of ineffective skin grafts which the author put across to signify that the facial appearance of the character has been altered. Later on, the same person (Burn Man) who had been in a fire encounter is given a character of a loving or lustful man a character brought to our attention when Cindi is first introduced. The nurse is introduced though not mentioned so much but that gives us a glimpse of lustful character of the subject as brought out. Burn Man is full of desires considering that he was not completely burnt and the woman dressed is in nurses’ uniform who gives him a blow job (Jarman, 27). When Burn Man offers job to Cindi, an escort a character of financially stable person is brought to our attention. He hires the services of an escort named Cindi signifying a well up person. The reason I say this is because at some point in the story we will see burn man doing all sots of jobs to make money, therefore when we see him hiring someone this cannot not escape our attention.
His character changes again to an ignorant is shown the author said that after meeting Cindi at an ad for escort, Burn Man avoided the ad that read, “FIRE AND DESIRE, Sensuous Centerfold Girls, Hot Fall Special” .he tries to justify his decision of this ignorance by saying that he does not live in metro area. Burn Man knew from the word go what he was getting himself to but he decided not to mind about it. Meeting Cindi was not a coincidence but a choice as a way of trying to forget the pain he underwent (Jarman, 29). He is brought out as a person who went through a lot of pain from the fire incident and then here again he is in another form of fire that of desire. The ignorance in him did not let him understand that the ad was talking about what was happening in his life. First the fire incidence that left scars on him and now desires that have seen him getting someone to satisfy them and then is when he meets Cindi.
He also has to make money by taking part time jobs which also shows his character shifting from one of an employer to one of jobseeker. In these jobs, we see him taking different characters like where he wa...
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