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How Design Of Character Of Lillian Is Critical And Thought-Provoking (Essay Sample)


This is a professor's instruction:
Three pages are enough to complete the task. Don't worry about it.
Write an essay (1000-1500 word) to discuss the addressed subject in the character design and the motivation and intention of your character design to explain how your design is critical and thought-provoking. Expand the theoretical research of your character design including your own perspective.
Do not describe the technical development unless it is related to the concept.
Do not heavily repeat the character/game design idea that you discussed already in the presentation.
Two to three critical topics from the class should be addressed.
This is my course website. It has reading materials and topics you need to read. Please read reading materials of week 3, 5 and 6. Because as the introduction says, you need to address two to three critical topics from the class.


The character of Lillian is motivated by the element of the difficulty in the game. This is a challenge that the players have to interact with as they play the game. Ideally, the essence of the game is to get them to a position where they feel that they do not have as much as they thought they had. The game I designed in such a way that it is a simple idea where the player will leverage the simple skills that they have to advance to the next level (Bancroft). However they have to be tested from every stage. For every player that interacts with the game the first time and take on the characters of Lillian they tend to think that this is a simple and they are tempted underrate the complexity of the same. This is especially the case when it comes to the complexities of the characters ("How To Talk About Videogames"). It is until they interact with Lillian and they are surprised at the way the game can place them in a difficult position trying to achieve even the most mundane activities in the game such as simply the blocks or even getting to tell the flavors in the different stages. For such a simple game, the complexities of the controls which are inherent to the different character designs create the air of awe and spark the spirit competition. This is crucial to the challenge associated with the game, giving the game the element of thrill for the players ("How To Talk About Videogames"). If the game was too easy, it would lack the element of awe or even spark interest among the players.
One other aspect to consider about the character design is the element of progress. The element of progress is crucial in the game relative to the fact that the players need to feel that they are making progress. In the case of Lillian, this is a character that is limited in their abilities compared to others and this gives the player a sense of growth. This mainly comes from the fact that as one interacts with the game environment; they get to a point where they do not have what it takes to progress through the game as first as they should. With the element of difficulty that comes through interacting with the different environments, they are able to

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