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Living in a Deserted Island (Essay Sample)

Due to the nature of this assignment, feel free to exceed the 150-word limit observed in previous vignettes. In this assignment you will imagine that you are stranded on a desert island for an indefinite amount of time. All your survival needs are taken care of including a solar-powered boom box for playing CDs. Unfortunately you can only take five CDs with you. After inventing an exciting title, you will need to make an annotated bibliography of your five CDs. Make sure that CDs are documented correctly following MLA guidelines (searchable online). Annotations consisting of a couple sentences each, need to be included with each entry. In the annotations you need to mention why you chose this CD. Four of the five CDs need to consist of “classical” art music (concert music) respectively corresponding to each of these eras: (1) baroque era, (2) classic era, (3) romantic era, (4) modern era, and (5) anything you want (including other categories if you wish, such as jazz, world, folk, popular, film, etc.). As you select your five CDs make sure you pick CDs which actually exist. Your reader should be able to easily find these CDs online, such as at Avoid choosing anthologies or anything that resembles a “greatest hits” collection. Also avoid any packaged set that includes more than one CD. Works Cited page if needed. Quality of title Completeness of categories: baroque, classic, romantic, modern and other Research of actual recordings Evidence of musical listening Relevant annotations Layout Correct documentation source..
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Learning to be Human: Living in a Deserted Island
Vivaldi, Antonio. The Four Seasons. Perf. Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Itzhak Perlman, Shlomo Mintz. Cond. Zubin Mehta. Deutsche Grammophon, 1990. Audio CD.
Considered as the "master of Baroque instrumental concerto;, Antonio Vivaldi has created hundreds of compositions in his lifetime. He is best known for The Four Seasons, a set of four violin concertos which resembles the different seasons. For example, the Winter concerto uses pizzicato notes and high strings which reminds one of cold and icy rain.
In this modern rendition of Vivaldi`s famous work, four of the best violinists work together to give each season a life of its own. While the recordings don`t offer much in terms of interpretation, it allows comparison of styles and sounds. For someone stranded in a deserted island, Vivaldi is a gem. He will serve as a reminder that nature has a course of its own, and man is but a part of this course. Man, despite his constant need to control nature, must follow the changing of the seasons - life has to change, and it must go on.
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Mozart for Your Mind. Perf. English Baroque Soloists, English Chamber Orchestra, Quartetto Italiano, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London Symphony Orchestra, Alfred Brendel, Ingrid Haebler, Ludwig Hoffmann, Mitsuko Uchida, Stephen Bishop Kovacevich. Cond.  Colin Davis, Jeffrey Tate, John Eliot Gardiner. Philips, 1995. Audio CD.
Who said Mozart was only for babies? In this modern rendition of Mozart`s works, is a lot of fun, and ver...
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