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Descriptive Analysis of My Study Room Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


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Descriptive Analysis of My Study Room
At home, there is one particular room where I, unintentionally, unaware and slowly converted to my most desirable place. This room is my study room. It once belonged to my grandfather who was an avid reader. His vast collection of encyclopedias, novels, plays, and books I proudly inherited. I like my study not only because it is beautifully decorated, but because it has witnessed my colorful childhood along with shaping my personality. One word perfectly describes my study as ‘Neat,’ from its adornment to its layout. My study room is very distant from the dwelling of my family, and I purposely chose its location. It is positioned right next to our garden. My study’s length is sixteen feet and twelve feet broad. It is mostly made of mortar and brick. However, the roofing is put together using bamboo and straw, and an energy saver light bulb hangs from its top to illuminate the room at night. The floor is decorated using matte floor tiles. And the walls are all white. It has one attached bathroom. At the study’s entrance, I have hung a large card sheet inscribed with my time-table. This is useful especially when I am packing my books because I do so according to the time-table. There is one huge French window, which I decorated with several flower pots, chamomile, jasmine and my favorite geraniums.
My study table is made of Beech, and so is the chair. I strategically placed the table and chair to face the window so when I am studying, I can as well take in the fresh air from the garden. Additionally, I can only view the face of the garden. Therefore, I hardly get distracted during my studies. The table’s surface is plain and polished. On it, I have placed a table clock and a tin filled with pens, markers, highlighters, rulers, and rulers. I keep my diary, notepads and my laptop amid the study desk. I have a tall, thick black coffee cup with the words BOSS etched in bold red letters. In it, I store nothing but place it on the desk since my father gifted it to me a few years back. I have also placed a miniature wooden sculpture of one of the greatest minds, Albert Einstein. Furthermore, on my desk, I have desk essentials like a tape dispenser, paper clip holder, and a stapler. Leaning on the wall is a medium-sized bookshelf. The bookshelf is filled to the brim with novels, textbooks and reference materials such as dictionaries and books of reference. Novels are arranged in accordance to author, whereas textbooks are arranged according to the subject. The topmost shelf is full of family albums. Beside the bookshelf is a set of in-trays in which writing paper material; that is, notepads, A4 ream papers, rulers, and protractors are placed. A wooden stool is situated at the room’s corner where my printer is and beneath it is its toner.
On one side of the wall, I have stuck my family portrait, childhood pictures, and pictures taken at school events and family holidays. One more intriguing facet of this wall is that all my friends who come to visit sign their names on the wall, therefore, it is very colorful and unique. I have a filing cabinet comprised of five compartments which I use only to store past papers and relevant documents. I have a 4x6 sized bed cot which I occasionally lay on when reading light readers. I have a 30cm x 30cm mirror which I utilize to practice my speeches or rehearse before my oral presentations. There is no sound system or internet connection to escape di...
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