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Dante's inferno circle 6 (Essay Sample)

1- Identify the circle (no.6 Arch-Heretics) 2- Identify the sin 3- Identify the punishment 4- Identify the logic behind it 5- Identify any particular monster 6- Identify the person who hold the conversation with Dante 7- Make connection between all that, if there is any. Use quotes from the text. Recourse: The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Shorter Second Edition, Volume 1 (ISBN 9780393933024), 2009. Feel free to use other recourses source..
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In the 6th circle, the author of ‘The Inferno’ Dante cleverly relates significant issues of sin and its consequences. For example, in circle 6 (six) through heresy which is sin, Epicureans argues that the soul dies with the body. Fowlie and Dante (67) opine how the author cleverly introduces condemnation, which is the penalty for heresies as was given to “ HYPERLINK "" \o "Farinata degli Uberti" Farinata degli Uberti, a  HYPERLINK "" \o "Guelphs and Ghibellines" Ghibelline: in 1283” is trapped in the caves with flames. “The heavens, that their beauty not be lessened, have cast' them out, and deep hell receive them.”
An idea that Dante taps from the cruel and physical punishment directed to people incriminated during the medieval age at the time of  HYPERLINK ",_Holy_Roman_Emperor" \o "Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor" Emperor Frederick II. The logic behind it shows the Divine Comedy through the journey of the spirit towards God, with the Inferno relating the gratitude and denunciation of sin.
The particular monster exhibited in the 6th circle is heresy. This leads people astray from the ‘Genesis’ which is God (Johns p 120).
According to Alighieri Dante (p54) the persons who converse with Dante are Christian believers Catalano and  HYPERLINK "" \o "Loderingo degli Andalò" Loderingo. They are Christian believers according to the way they respond by explaining that "From these two, art ansd nature, it is fitting, if you recall how  HYPERLINK "" \o "Book of Genesis" Genesis begins, for men to make their way, to gain their living; and since the usurer prefers another pathway, he scorns both nature in herself and art her follower; his hope is elsewhere." (Johns p 137)
In conclusion, the story by Dante Alighieri presents a vivid picture of Hell by having in relation to human life through experience in varied levels. Through it one can reflect on the interconnectedness of what Dante depicted as pertaining to the Christian hope. Nonetheless, it shows why and how Dante chose to change his way of life as he anticipated for better future hence from medieval to renaissance.
For instance, Dante notes the sunshine coming down from the mountain peak and he try’s to climb toward that light. In relation,...
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