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Crucible essay. Analysis of John Proctor A Tragic Hero (Essay Sample)


The Crucible Essay
Choosing one of the following prompts, you will construct a five paragraph essay. Make sure your essay is double spaced and in correct MLA format. You will submil ur essay through Schoology.
A tragic hero is the main character in a tragedy; in order to fit the definition, the individual must be a person of great or noble character who has a tragic flaw which causes his her downfall. The tragic flaw is a weakness or error in judgment which causes the character to suffer. This suffering produces pity from the audience. Does John Proctor fit th Finition of a tragic hero? Why or why not? Support your argument with specific evidence of John’s characteristics from the play.
Abigail’s faults are quite obvious, but does she deserve the blame for the outcome of the play? Why or why not? Support your argument with specific evidence from the play.
A crucible is a pot which, because it can withstand great heat, is used to purify metals at extreme heat. The word “crucible” is also used to describe a severe test or a hard tris lally, “crucible” is also used as an adjective to describe a very high grade steel. With these possibilities in mind, which character best illustrates the meaning of the play’s title' ly? Support your argument with specific evidence from the play.
Reverend Hale is a dynamic character in that he evolves during the play. To what does he evolve, and why? What pressures directly influence his “research” of the citizens of lem, and what does he learn from them that facilitates his change?


Analysis of John Proctor A Tragic Hero
A tragedy in literally work simply implies situation where there is a hero whose basic morals are destroyed by character flaw beyond their control. In most of the literary works, the hero is often a person whom we always admire through their courage and ability to succeed despite the challenges they are going through. The Crucible is a play authored by American author Arthur Miller in 1953. The plays talks about the Salem Witch Trials. In the play, John Proctor is a true representation of a tragic hero through his inner struggles and flaw in the desire to do what is right. 

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