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An Article Review. Crown Plennary Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Watch the attached video.
Please write a brief review of the event. Be sure to include the Speaker’s main points and argument, how they tie in with the reading assigned for the Plenary and other readings, and what your critical analysis is.


An Article Review
The main speaker’s articulation is found on science fiction that sums up as her fervent passion. She is an exceptional scholar that has written different articles. In the video, she handles a subject on cyborgs in discussion of his article that forms as the primary basis. She describes cyborgs as hypothetical people that have physical capabilities surpassing the normal threshold that human beings possess. She mentions her beginning of developing interest in cyborgs as the time when NASA wanted to research on producing beings named “man” that could survive in extreme environments’ homeostasis. She names the conditions to constitute blood sugar, salt balance, temperature and other variables.

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