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Literature Critique on Climate Change Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


3 resources, the main problem (question) part need deep thought. Write a critique of your primary text that also explores some of its relevant contexts. About the sources: 1. primary text: Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene by Roy Scranton. 2. secondary text: Emergent Realities in the Cosmos, by Marcelo glesier. 3. you need to find another secondary resource. Critical thinking is important. It's more about writing from content, and then leads to a big problem in reality. Use gorgeous words and sentences. Make it looks amazing. This one is super important for me. It will decide whether I can get A for this class. Try your best, please! When you finished, I will take it and talk to the professor, then we can do revision.


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November 10, 2018
Literature Critique on Climate Change
Climate Change is undoubtedly one of the most talked about issues in the past century. The gradual yet constant increase in the overall temperature, rise in seawater levels, and the climb of our global carbon footprint that threatens life on earth has indeed made the issue an immediate one. In the article written by Scranton, he noted how this issue had become inevitable due to the actions of humankind. On the one hand, this elicits the idea of sadness as we realize that we have already reached a point of no return. A point where debates on whether our demise would come or not, and how to stop it has become trivial at most. On the other hand, his idea also has a surprising effect as we learn that the very thing that threatens the world was brought about by a single species - Us. Upon reflecting on his work, he noted how both of these facts had necessitated scholars to name the present era Anthropocene. An era where humans have not only changed earth’s biodiversity and climate, but also the very geography of our planet (Scranton). While most of these facts that have been written by Scranton are based from observable and empirical pieces of evidence, one of the critical ideas that I seem to found interesting is how he described philosophy’s function in addressing climate change. In the succeeding section of this article, Scranton’s belief about philosophy’s central role in addressing climate change would be discussed. This includes how we should think of our own mortality as well as his suggestions on how to move forward as a race. Nevertheless, I believe that despite Scranton’s assertion that we should embrace the idea of “already being dead”, what this really means is that we should focus on the future that will enable our future offspring to “live”.

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