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Critical Analysis of “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” (Essay Sample)


For the personal experience part. I am chinese, please use more asian examples, especially the emamples which happened in China
Topic & Objectives
Write a paper in which you write a critical evaluation (or you could think of it as a critical analysis) of Gloria Anzaldua’s essay “How to Tame a Wild Tongue.” In critique, you need to:
Introduce the author and work, and state the point you intend to make about Anzaldua’s essay;
Summarize the author's position/argument (limit summary to one paragraph focusing on the main idea of her essay and the main points that support her main idea);
Assess the presentation. How does Anzaldua develop her ideas (what writing strategies are used)? Why do these writing strategies succeed in achieving her purpose?); and
Respond to the author's views (Do you agree or disagree with the author's views? Explore your reasons for agreement or disagreement. Explore any underlying assumptions of the author which make you agree or disagree. Explore your own assumptions which make you agree or disagree. Explore your personal experiences and observations that influence your opinion); and
State your conclusions about the overall validity of Anzaldua’s essay.
Essays should be no less than four full pages and up to five full pages in length. Quality is the goal.
Use multiple ways of thinking and writing to develop your ideas.
Cite your sources according to correct MLA format (Purdue OWL MLA Style Guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).
Make sure your essay (manuscript) is formatted according to MLA guidelines (Manuscript Formatting).


Student Name
Critical Analysis of “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”
In the essay titled “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” Gloria Anzaldua indicates that it is not easy to go against the expectations and have what others may consider as different identity. Anzaldua is a Chicano residing in the South-West part of America. Growing up, Anzaldua spoke both English and Spanish. She learned the customs of the Chicano people at home, but American customs while at school. Growing up in such an environment, Anzaldua has faced problems due to her chosen language. In this article, Anzaldua brings awareness of the Chicano language and culture and seeks to promote femininity in society.
The article exposes the feelings of Anzaldua regarding the social and cultural challenges the Mexican immigrants encounter while growing up in America. She compares English and Spanish and indicates how cultural imperialism compels individuals to speak one language as opposed to the other. Additionally, Anzaldua delves into critical social issues like sexism, racism, poor self-image and cultural imperialism. Lastly, the author expresses frustrations regarding how Latinos and Anglo people look down upon the Chicano Spanish. Anzaldua indicates that Chicanos remain as linguistic orphans and this has adverse effects on their self-esteem.
Anzaldua tries to present the undesirable outlook of the society toward the other people the Chicano people in the United States. The Chicano cannot identify themselves with individuals who speak either English or Hispanic because they are somewhere between. Chicanos consist of Mexican Americans, and they have mixed both cultures. As a result, they speak different dialects.
Anzaldua argues that society is always biased, expressing a high level of discrimination concerning language and the way people speaks. From the essay, the United State is mainly experiencing a major challenge in recognizing and appreciating people especially the foreigners on the way they communicate.
The use of anecdotes enables me to understand the challenges the Mexican-Americans face. The author begins with a story with a dentist trying to clean her roots (15). Anzaldua indicates that she can hear the anger in the voice of the dentist when her tongue pushes against the wads of cotton. She emphasizes that the dentist is angry because of this yet she is unable to control her tongue. Anzaldua wants the readers to associate the dentist with fear and hatred, and she manages to do it. She causes the audience to think about their experience with a dentist and how it can be hard to control the tongue. The use of the anecdote is effective because it enables the audience to appreciate that it is challenging to speak either English or Spanish fluently to accommodate others.
Additionally, the author includes the use of visual images to allow readers to empathize with a character. Anzaldua gives a personal narrative while in school where she spoke Spanish and school and caught. She indicates that her punishment included “three licks on the knuckles with a sharp ruler.” In another instance, she corrects a teacher for mispronouncing her name. The teacher forces her to sit in the corner of the classroom alone. Anzaldua wants the reader to see that she is receiving punishments for being herself and speaking her native language. When I imagine a little girl sitting at the back for correcting a teacher, I get

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