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Critical Analysis of Computer/Video Game Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Topic: Gaming is both extremely popular with the young and the subject of controversy among their elders who often see it leading to violence or other anti-social behavior. In this paper you will research ideas about gaming and then analysis a video game to determine the values it promotes.
Audience: Your audience is parents concerned about their teens' gaming habits.
Description: First, research what experts say about the effects of gaming. The first half of the essay will present their most important points. In the second half you will analyze your favorite video/computer/online game (or one you have played, if you have no favorite) to determine if the ideas of experts hold true or not in relationship to that particular game. You will begin with a paragraph about the goals of the game. What do you need to do to "win" the game? Or if the game isn't one that is winnable, what does the game ask you to accomplish? Then looking at those goals, determine the two or three most important values encouraged by the game.
Essay should be set up as follows:
An introduction that introduces the concept of gaming and your video game and ends with a thesis that states what you have learned from your research and whether or not your own analysis of the your game supports or disagrees with that research;
Two to three body paragraphs that use the research gathered for Exercise #2 to discuss the two to three most important ideas found in that research;
A short transitional paragraph that brief summarize the research and points to whether or not your own analysis supports it;
A paragraph the introduces your game's goals;
Two to three descriptive paragraphs describing the values promoted by the game along with evidence to support them;
Conclude your essay by pointing toward how your audience should use the information you’ve provided.
Your essay should:
Cite sources correctly using an appropriate citation style;
Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of the essay;
Be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 pages in length, not including references (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman typeface);
Please contact me if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.
with a hook
1. Intro
2. Idea#1
3.Idea #2
(game between)
5.Goal Setting
7.Hard Work
bring back hook
so what


Computer Games
Institutional Affiliation
Computer Games
With the revolution of computers, the internet, and information technology, computer entertainments emerged. In their article, Zamani, Chashmi, and Hedayati (2009) mention that teenagers are the most addicted to the games, due to their urge to rise the ranks and achieve more excitements. There are two versions of games; those installed on computers and those plaid online. Playing these games results in the separation of teenagers from the rest of the people and their environments, consequences that researchers say to have severe effects on their mental and physical wellbeing. One such game is Scrabble Word Finder, which I have plaid for a while. It requires you to play against a real opponent or a virtual opponent generated by the system. One has to gather as many points as they can, depending on the positions they place the letter on the game platform. This paper analyses the effects of computer games discusses Scrabble Word Finder and concludes by discussing the way forward for parents to apply in bringing to an end these effects.

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