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Critical Analysis Assignment on Love Portions (Essay Sample)


This is language class, try to make essay simple. thank you, and I will give the article and an example for the response.


Critical Analysis on Love Portions
The Article “The Chaser”, written by John Collier talks about a young man known as Alan Austen who is searching for love portions from an old man. He goes through creaky dark stairs in his neighborhood located in Pell streets as he tries to trace the man he is searching for. The article gives a clear vivid description of the old man’s residence and clearly describes it as a very small room with dirty colored walls with many shelves containing dozen of jars and bottles. The article gives a general view of the old man as a major person who sells love portions to very many people in the streets of Pell.
The background information on this article centers around the use of love portions mainly for young men. When Alan inquires the cost of a teaspoonful, the old man replies, “That is just a dollar”. According to the article, the old man assures Alan of efficiency in using the love portions and there are benefits that come alongside helps to prevent divorce by improving individuals love life and boosting marriage hence reducing uneasiness that can lead to divorce. From my general point of view in reference to the article, the old man is a renowned seller of love portions and he has helped most people to deal with the issues affecting them with their love life. The old man tells Alan that the wonderful mixture is effective and most people always come back when they are be

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