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College Students Use Credit Cards May Waste Money (Essay Sample)


Purpose and Description
The work you have completed up to this point in the semester has prepared you to join a conversation as an informed, thoughtful, and persuasive writer. Among other things, you have identified relevant topics, gathered various types of information, and analyzed a range of arguments. Your aim, now, will be to compose an argumentative essay in which you position yourself within an “conversation” involving your topic. Please consider the following as you undertake this assignment.
Invention and Inquiry
Gather together the resources you have developed in the first two projects;
Identify the core problem or exigence that motivates the conversation;
Note the different perspectives represented in the conversation;
Consider where you stand with respect to core problem and competing perspectives;
Draft a thesis statement in which you position yourself within the conversation.
The Composing Process
Introduce your topic and define the scope of your paper;
Offer some background on your topic and why it should be of interest to readers;
Use your sources to inform your audience but also strengthen your own position;
Draw a conclusion about the topic that adds something new to the conversation;
Conclude your essay by pointing toward additional research and analysis that can be done to better understand the issue as part of an ongoing conversation.
The audience for this assignment is your instructor, your classmates, and, in general, anyone who can access and read information online. You should anticipate that readers have some education and knowledge of the subject but do not necessarily possess a clear or complete understanding of it. Your aim, ultimately, should be to move your readers in some way: whether to shift their thinking about the topic or to motivate them to take a particular action (or both).
Specific Requirements
Your essay should:
Articulate and develop a clear and compelling thesis;
Position your argument within a recognizable conversation;
Include a minimum of 5-6 sources;
Be written in a clear, precise, and active prose style;
Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of the essay;
Be 6-7 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman or Garamond typeface);
Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline (consult your course syllabus and schedule for details).
The work of joining a conversation is not easy. As you have learned throughout the course, it requires careful research and an ongoing commitment to learning from what others have to say; more that, it also involves having something novel to say on your own. Your goal for this paper should be to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic you have researched and reflect a skilled approach of someone who is committed to his or her craft—a writer who not only has something meaningful to say but one who can also say it well. Please contact me if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.


The use of credit cards among college students.
Is there a parent who would send their children to college without assisting them financially?
With the technological advancements, there have come into existence various modes of monetary transactions. There have emerged worldwide connections which enables people to receive and transfer money from one place to another. The use of credit cards is one of the most embraced means of paying bills in colleges by the students, particularly in the United States. Parents issue credit cards to their children who are then left in charge of their entire expenditure within the college. Whether they opt to use the card responsibly or not, is an option that only them can decide on (Nonis, Sarath A., et al. 31). The cost of expenditure is however felt only by the parents. As much as the credit card use brings about conveniences and various other advantages, it brings with it a whole lot of disadvantages, and I, therefore, stand to disagree with the fact that it should be encouraged among students in colleges. The paper is set to bring out the argument indicating that the disadvantages of using the credit cards among college students, outweigh the advantages.
The credit card has an edge for the disciplined spenders. Such people not only spend money but also gain. For every swipe of the credit card, they get to be given back a given percentage, and in the long run, they end up having hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The ‘cash back' has been used by the American Express Blue cash to pay back about 6000 dollars in supermarket purchases for a year. This given back amount solely depends on the amount used on the credit card. The more one swipes the credit card, the higher their chances of getting much more money at the end of the year. The cash back, therefore, acts as an initiative to encourage the use of credit cards. The loyal customers are often awarded a given percentage on top of the normal rate. The college students would gain by topping up their credit cards at the end of every year as per the various shopping outlets.
The credit cards offer the layers of consumer protection. With this, a purchase protection is guaranteed, and one can get their money back in a case where they are not satisfied with the goods and service. In a case where they come across similar goods at lower prices, they can always go back and claim the difference in cost. This makes the use of credit card more liberal compared to the non-refundable use of cash. In such a case, a college hustler can avoid spending on things and qualities that are of no help to him/her. This protection makes shopping risk free as one is not forced to go with the goods and services that do not meet their demands. A college student is, therefore, able to save money that would have been spent otherwise in paying for an alternative good in a case where the initial one does not satisfy their needs.
The convenience of the credit card enables one to purchase anything anywhere. It, therefore, saves time and energy. With a credit card, the college students get everything at their disposal. This would, therefore, mean that more time and strength is allocated to their study and other college activities. The time which they would spend in stores and various shopping places has been reduced bearing the fact that the credit card can be used at any out let. Things such as stationery can also be purchased within the college with the help of the credit card. With just a swipe of the card, a student's shopping needs get fulfilled, unlike the old-time use of cash which makes shopping difficult as the transaction entails even

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