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Creation stories (Essay Sample)

Write an essay comparing the three Creation stories. What is similar, what is different about them? Use 5Specific lines from the text (cited correctly) to support your ideas. Length: 3 pages (not 2, not 4!) 12 pt. font, MLA format, double spaced, correct in-text and Works Cited citations I am an international student, only need a B level paper. source..
Name Lecturer Course Date Creation Stories: A Comparison Over the years, it has become unbelievably harder to come across a group of people discussing creation and ignore them. This is because the topic is shrouded and continues to ooze mystery among scholars, believers and non-believers alike. The stories that explain creation as we would want to know more about are perhaps the most controversial stories ever told to mankind. There are several stories told to mankind regarding the history of relation and perhaps many of them are similar in nature or constructs. These stories, however bare some significant levels of difference and therefore lead to a critical analysis and discussion of the matters that may raise concern among pragmatists and realists. Judaism, Islam and Christianity document the story of creation in more less a similar manner in their books of reference. The book of Genesis, said to have been written sometime around the 1oth and the 6th century before the existence of Christ, the first books known as the Torah are made up of five manuscripts in what has come to be known as the Hebrew Bible (Blenkinsopp n.d). According to several scholars, since these books have been around for such a long time, they have been subjected to several translations and therefore lead to many distortions and cases of loss in translation and interpretation. The book of Genesis characteristically accounts for creation as having taken place in the first seven days that have come to be the normal seven days of our everyday calendar. These seven days are what make up the weeks, months, years and decades of out every day life. The book highlights the fact that God - the Supreme Being - created the world and the universe in six days and chose to rest in the Seventh Day (Millard, n.d). We can learn that Hebrews believed that God was a very powerful God and that he only created these things by uttering some words and the rest appeared. This shows how much the Hebrews believed in their creator. According to the Holy Bible, God, on the first day, ordered that there be light, and there was light. By virtue of being a powerful God, in the subsequent days that followed the Lord created the other things that would f...
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