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Cost of higher education (Essay Sample)

-minimum word 770 -First paragraph or two must relate to the Chapter 14 title (177) and to the paper you intend to write. -The paper will have an appropriate title that fits your thesis. -in-text citations and Works Cited(It has to include 4 of them) -Works Cited page is included separately at the end of the paper The in-text citations and works citations are from the book called (They say I say, 2E). from chapter 14 and (1st four articles) Can be 3 sources or citations from 1st two articles and one - source or citation from 3rd or 4th article. I will attach and send an email the picture of chapter articles to you guys. If you guys need to ask something related questions from me hit me an email source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: HIGHER EDUCATION COST Pursuance of a college degree has become like the order of the day for most people in the contemporary world. The college institutions keep on being established in order to accommodate the upcoming professionals willing to take various courses that would convert them into their aspired positions (Graff, Cathy & Durst, 179). However, the higher education costs have been accelerating since the earlier years, shifting from the taxpayer and directed to the students as well as family. Due to the dwindling of the state funding, universities and colleges seek to fill the gaps via a number of avenues, which includes research report and philanthropy whereas the higher growth area is tuition. The issue of cost in higher education has raised numerous questions on whether it is worth the price. Many critiques and scholars have tried to figure out the value of college and the activities that are performed to justify the cost. In addition, they wondered why numerous families look forward to sending their children to college, while many jobs also demand that an individual must bear a college education. All these researches and questions have left people wondering if higher education might become too expensive to afford as the prices hike daily. However, regardless of the rising costs people still value higher education as they consider the advantages of education as the ability to provide professional education. More so, they view this as a highway to higher paying careers that would benefit their families as well as creating a welcoming arena for their children. Some people also have added opinions about higher education as they state that it is the best place for learning on the ways of living in the sense that they are able to become in...
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