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Writing in the age of distraction (Essay Sample)

Citation Practice Assignment You will be practicing citation by writing a one-two page, double spaced, reflection on the essay linked below. For this reflection essay, you are required to cite from the text in three ways: a direct quote, a paraphrase, and a block quote. The content of your writing is important, obviously, but for this assignment the focus should be on practicing and strengthening citation skills. Please make sure you also create a works cited page. Also, please highlight your citations in yellow, so I may easily see them in your paper.And please follow this link to do. This semester's essay is based on: http://www(dot)locusmag(dot)com/Features/2009/01/cory-doctorow-writing-in-age-of.html source..
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Writing in the age of distraction
In this time and age readers are distracted in what they are doing due to the temptation of the internet which is just a click away. Though people see use of internet as distracting o the other hand internet can be of great help when it comes to outsourcing information that one can use to write. Internet can help somebody to be creative professionally or at a personal level. Therefore, one can improve his writing as a result of adequate use of the internet.
On the other hand, it is good to know that the problem of reading and writing in this age of destruction is so due to lack of strong foundation on the same from childhood. According to Cohen & Cowen, the parents are the best teachers to a child, “What the child learns about language at home is the foundation for literacy writing…..Reading and writing must be valued at home so that the children view literacy as important part of their life” (Cohen & Cowen).
What we do in this age is as a result of what is around us. Gehlen, argues that we are prone to overstimulation by our surrounding because we lack the powerful instinct of most animal species that are able to ignore that which it does not strictly need to deal with therefore lack of concentration is what has affected reading and writing in this distraction age (Hassan).
The content of many writings in this distraction age is very shallow and do not leave the reader with the urge to reread the book. “Many authors don’t write for their readers but to pad their resumes. At the other extreme are those who write for market and make money by educating, informing and entertaining’’ (Zaid).
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