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Identify, Contrast and Compare social issues in Hana's Suitcase and Charlotte's Web. (Essay Sample)


The social issues should be similar in nature or complimentary. Compare and Contrast how the author deals with the subject matter in each. Provide at least 3 citations from story books in MLA format. Only story book references to be used. Examples for social issues are racism, divorce, abuse, alcoholism, etc.
Charlotte's Web by E.B. White and Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine


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Compare and Contrast: Social Issues in Hana's Suitcase and Charlotte's Web
Throughout history, social issues influence the daily lives of the people. These social issues can be of economic, social, racial, environmental, and many more. The books Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine and Charlotte's Web by E.B White described many social issues that are still prevalent in today's society. The main difference in their books is that E.B. White's approach is more symbolic, where the reader needs to interpret the interaction of animals, while Karen Levine used historical facts about the Nazi rule in Czechoslovakia to show societal problems during that era. Although the authors used different approaches, they reported similarities in social issues, which include racial discrimination, forced imprisonment, child neglect, child labor, racial killing, and gender discrimination.
Racial Discrimination and Prejudice
In Charlotte’s Web, Wilbur became bored living in his new home in the barn. He tried to play with other animals but no one wants to play with him (White, 27-29). The lamb even said that “I am not interested in pigs. Pigs mean less than nothing to me (White, 28).” The lamb is judging the value of pigs to have less worth than other animals. Knowing that Wilbur is just new to the barn, the lamb already had negative notions about pigs. 

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