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Comparison and contrast essay (Essay Sample)

You should choose two fiction stories from the below and compare and contrast. The List are: 1- Leslie Marmon Silko, \"The Man To Send Rain Clouds\" 2- Kazuo Isgiguro, \"A Family Supper\" 3- William Faulkner, \"A Rose for Emily\" 4- Ha Jin, \"Saboteur\" 5- Flannery O\'Oconnor, \"Revelation\" 6- Ghassan Kanafani, \"The Land of Sad Oranges\" The details and intsruction of the essay is attached please refer to it. source..
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Comparison and contrast essay
A Rose for Emily is a one-act play for five men and four women. It is a play that consists of nine characters. The scene of the play is in the upstairs of a southern home built after the civil war. This is a short fiction story. A Family Supper is a short story whereby the narrator`s mother painfully dies after eating a fugu fish at the home of an old school friend. The fugu fish is a dish that is famous for its expert preparation which deacvtivates the poison inside it. Both of these stories are ficticious that contain some message in them. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast these two short stories.
Both stories are inclined to a sad state of affairs. In the story "family supper”, the narrators mother dies after eating a fugu fish which is poisonous when prepared incorrectly. If the preparation of the dish is not followed correctly, then the poison in the fish is not deactivated. In the story " A Rose for Emily”, the play begins with a funeral. "..i can`t believe how many people came for the funeral...”( William,5). The deceased were a woman and a man. In "family supper" the family business of the narrator collapses because of mismanagement of the resources whereas in the story "A Rose for Emily" there is an estate that belonged tothe deceased that needed to be settled out.
Miss Emily, the daughter of the deceased is left with the mansion all by her self. She now lives alone in the mansion left to her by her father. She surprises everyone with a handsome young man who came from the North to the town breifly on a contracting job.
In the story "A Rose for Emily" the father to Emily passed away a long time ago as stated by the character Eulola in the play, "....the man had a strong hold on her. Why, even when he died, she wouldn`t admi...
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