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Conspiracy Theories Argumentative Essay/the New World Order (Essay Sample)


In this argumentative essay, you will find a single conspiracy theory, and argue if you believe in the theory or not. The essay will include sources, be driven by a thesis sentence, and use 4 of the seven types of evidence. You will want to use primary /secondary sources, at least one logical fallacy as you write the paper, and a counter-argument rebuttal paragraph/paragraphs.
Logical Fallacies: Your essay should develop a paragraph that relates one logical fallacy to a chosen conspiracy theory
• Standard format: 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced, MLA in-text citation and works cited page, proper header on first page, last name and page number on all pages.
• The introduction should give background information on the issue (who is concerned and why, what the perceived threat or common perception is, etc.) and provide a thesis which serves to drive the paper.
• Think strategically about how your sources can enable the conversation you wish to have and try to make creative connections with a wide range of sources.
• Refer to the research guide for possible sources, but feel free to analyze other sources.


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Conspiracy theories argumentative essay/the New World Order

Executive Summary

The belief in various conspiracy theories, for instance, that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an inside activity or that the pharmaceutical business purposely spreads ailments is a far-reaching and socially all-inclusive phenomenon. Conspiracy theory beliefs are a result of a suite of psychological components, such as, agency detection, threat management, pattern recognition, and partnership location, which advanced for various reasons. Then again, others trust that scheme convictions are a piece of a developed mental instrument explicitly went for identifying perilous coalitions. This last viewpoint expects that conspiracy notions are initiated after explicit alliance signs, which produce utilitarian counter procedures to adapt to suspected connivances. Experiences from cultural, social as well as evolutionary psychology give speculative help to six suggestions that pursue from the adaptation theory. It is suggested that individuals have a practically coordinated mental framework to detect various conspiracies that more than likely has been formed in a human genealogical condition in which hostile alliances, viz a viz, conspiracies that genuinely existed were a successive reason for wretchedness, demise, and even conceptive misfortune.


Regardless of the phenomenal millenarian pluralism in contemporary America, the assortments, including, mainstream, improvisational, and religious groups have been incorporated by the wide acknowledgment of a binding conspiracy notion denoted by the phrase, New World Order (Coleman p.98). A conspiracy notion refers to the dread of nonexistent connivance or the superfluous presumption of conspiracy when different clarifications are probable. Various evidence illustrating it be false, or the simple absence of proof of the connivance, is deciphered by respective believers as proof of its reality, hence protecting it from invalidation (Barkun p.52). According to the political researcher known as Michael Barkun, fear conspiracy notions depend on the view that the universe is represented by the plan and encapsulate three standards, viz, that nothing occurs unintentionally, nothing is as it appears, as well as the notion that everything is associated (Coleman p.101). Another basic element which we prior referenced is that conspiracy notions are inclined to develop to join whatever proof that exists against them, so they become, as Barkun describes, a concealed framework that is unfalsifiable, and consequently a matter of confidence as opposed to verification. Furthermore, on a psychological dimension, some studies show that paranoia and Machiavellianism are profoundly associated with conspiratorial reasoning (Barkun p. 57).

On the other hand, other people simply tend to believe that these conspiracy theories are a misleading notion and ought not to be given the day or time. This is simply due to the verity that the world is fairly large, and that only a section of a certain population is inclined to overthrow the majority, is practically the same as profanity. Indeed, some individuals in actuality believe that conspiracy theories are simply psychological phenomena that tends to affect a certain percentage of people, and that conspiracies, in essence, do not exist (Coleman p.112). This is mainly because myriad conspiracy theories do not usually have any type or form of significant evidence to validate their conception. In this particular write up, we are going to delve deeper into the validations behind conspiracy theories while paying particular attention to the New World Order conspiracy theory.


The term "New World Order" has been utilized numerous times i...

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