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Connecting scenes Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Use two published sources
Instructions: • For this writing exercise, select a written text—a published essay, novel, short story, poem-that you feel is related to the scene you created for 2.1. This text should reflect at least one of the thematic keywords you wrote for 2.1 in tutorial on Jan 15-17. • Carefully choose a relevant block quotation (4-6 lines) from your chosen text that faithfully represents the author’s preferred reading. No single line quotations! • Explain the meaning and significance of the quotation, in 2-3 sentences. • Find a way to integrate (not tack on) that text into the scene you have already created. Take care to convey to us the relationship between the new text and your scene. Choose the right transitional phrases to integrate 2.1 material with 2.2 material. • As with Portfolio 1, your quote analysis cannot be your last paragraph. • Do not choose a text that mirrors what you’ve already said or described in your scene; select a text that somehow extends or changes your thoughts—that complicates or questions them. Use it to help the reader understand the conflict and/or transition you are experiencing. • Include an MLA Works Cited page. You do not need in-text parenthetical citation; introduce your author directly (as per Catalli). Don’t forget to include your epigraph on this page.

Please Note: • This exercise asks you to work on the idea of movement, and on using a Big Idea/Great Thinker to extend or complicate your themes/Idea. Use your great thinker to help us understand the significance of this moment, and guide us to what we (your audience) can learn. • Choose someone culturally (or globally) significant to quote for this exercise. Use all the research tools at your disposal to search out writers who had interesting and valuable insights on your themes. • Song lyrics should not be used unless a) the artist is both dead and legendary (i.e. Cobain/Lennon) and b) the next generation will care.1 Quote only what you intend to analyze. • You must quote your source in context (what was the writer talking about when they wrote it
Mention themes and connect them to block quotation.
Assignment 2.1 which it is based on is attached



Assignment 2.1


I got a new chick that I gotta thank God for
I got a new whip that I gotta thank the lot for
Yeah I got a lot but want a lot more
Yeah we in the buildin' but I'm tryna take it to the top floor

~I don’t fuck with you, “Big Sean”


                       I got to the mall, only to realize I had no money. Here was a man, standing in a tailor-made Giorgio Armani suit, Christian Louboutin shoes and a “Bianco Avus,” in layman’s terms white Lamborghini with only $5 outside the most expensive mall in the country. Everyone was staring at me, actually more than me the focus of their attention was my car. It was the only Huracan Spyder in the country at the time. I was there to buy my girlfriend a bag she desired, it was her birthday and I thought what better day to give her something she has longed for? I made the walk of shame back to my car, however no one other than myself knew about the murky water I was in. As soon as I got in the car, everyone pulled out their phones trying to get a video of what this car sounded like. Kids ran up with their parents asking if it was okay for them to take a picture. I had turned into an instant celebrity. Little did everyone know that celebrities also have their bad days and today was mine. One enthusiast asked me to rev the car so he could get it on video, claiming he dreamt of one day driving a Lamborghini, if not owning one. I headed to her house to inform her that I couldn’t purchase her dream bag, but would try and get it for her soon enough. On the way I spotted a street vendor selling roses. I was unable to purchase a bouquet however, purchased a single rose. Heading to her house, full of shame and embarrassment, I did not expect her to be waiting outside for me. As soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and I gave her the biggest hug, enough to almost squeeze the life out of her. I gave her my rose and said this is all I could get. The selfless woman that she was, she put on the biggest smile and said this was the best day of her life. Her best friend was standing with her, I could tell by her facial expressions she had the same questions everyone else would, how does a person manage to own a $500,000 Lamborghini and give his significant other only a $5 rose for her birthday?

                       That was the moment where it all started, I had a epiphany, how long could I live off father’s money? It was certainly not going to last forever. What had I ever accomplished in my life? What could I do to change that? How could I make a name for myself, instead of being referred to as the son of Dr Jamali? Was a $300 bag more than I could afford?

                       These thoughts lingered in my head for quite a bit, I was merely a 18 year old kid without a bank account or credit card at the time just trying to have fun. Not long after her birthday we broke up, but the thought of being unable to afford a bag continued to haunt me. Later I decided to act on my vision, I intended to set out and be someone myself. At the time the only thing in my mind was to be known by my first name, not always my last name.

                         I pondered over many things I could do, from petty jobs to running big companies or even joining my family business. My family business was agriculture, I decided to give it a try but quit within two weeks. It was long strenuous days of hard work, I did not have the knowledge to succeed in this field nor the experience. After quite a bit of wandering, I finally found my calling. It was the lucrative business of construction and in December 2015, I set out to build my own company, MK Construction and Government Contractors Pvt. Ltd.

                      Today I am doing better than what most people could be doing. I am a successful happy young entrepreneur who has made it in life. Technically I don’t even work anymore as I have eight permanent employees who do all my work for me. I am well on my way to retire in 10 years. Most could only dream of retiring at 35 but I have set out my goals and am determined to accomplish them. Just in my first year of work I had made half a million in profit. With the money rolling it, so did the benefits. Girls started chasing me like a monkey after a banana. I started receiving marriage proposals. I started taking expensive vacations across the globe. So far I have visited 25 countries, not bad for someone 25 years young. Its been four years since I have been a part of this industry. In a developing country, there is nothing better than investing in property and it is considered liquid cash. Therefore I capitalized on the opportunity to build on this. Seizing the day got me to where I am today, not only are my parents proud of me, but I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

                           Now I can claim to finally be independent. I still think about the day I was standing outside that mall, if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be where I am today. Instead of bad mouthing my ex like many would expect me to. I am eternally grateful to her. If it wasn’t for her coming into my life, where would I be today? Probably still leeching off my parents. The epigraph says that we’re all in the building which is the earth and we people are mere occupants. All of us are trying to make it to the top, very few do, some die trying. Every company has lots of employees, but there is only one CEO. I think differently now, I am not longer a robot trained to obey the bourgeois. The singer wishes to get to the top of the building. I, on the other hand, plan on buying the building.



Connecting Scenes
How can one be happy without being wealthy? good question, well start first with being gratefulfor what you have, make yourself happy not somad, stop really, and smell some roses, do something memorable like Moses
Rich Without Money' - by Tina Marie Clark
Working and owning MK Construction and Government Contractors Pvt. Ltd has been beneficial and in the past two months I decided to spend more time traveling and doing things that I love. There are those who believe that money often makes us selfish, but I beg to differ, as we spend it on wrong things and people that we fail to consider whether we spend on the right things. “The Sage listened attentively to the reason for the boy’s visit, but told him that at that moment he did not have the time to explain to him the Secret of Happiness” (Coelho). First hand- experience is important for one to reflect and learn about happiness. Finding joy depends on one’s perceptions and attitude in life as one can live a simple life and be happy. While in the past, I believed that what I bought based on whether they were interesting, what liked and wanted to have, as I came to earn on my earning I changed my perception.

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