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Reflection Journal #1. Components of Attitude. Literature (Essay Sample)


I will attach the instructions.
this is the link for the lecture slides (week 2, chapters 3 and 4): https://prezi(dot)com/qpzhucdda1j6/psy-1129-w20-week-2/?utm_campaign=share&token=07688907f69d7b9f67915499fc23431950228452000c35ff303b712c9d0c147a&utm_medium=copy


1. Instructions for Reflection Journal #1:
 Section A: REVIEW
________________________________________Choose any ONE concept that we have learned about so far (in the lectures, through class discussions, in the learning modules, etc.) from Weeks 1 to 5 that was an "aha" moment for you (what was it that you found truly interesting or intriguing?). 
Explain this concept in your words. 
NOTE: Ensure to read the instructions for Section B before selecting your topic. 
*It is important that you review the concept and then write it down in your own words so that you can demonstrate to your Professor that you truly understand the material. Do not simply regurgitate the concept straight out of the textbook and do not simply copy and paste from other websites. If you do use other sources, YOU MUST INCLUDE THE IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND FULL REFERENCES AT THE END.
Reflect on your learning by answer the following two questions: 
1. Based on what you have learned thus far (in relation to the concept that you chose above in Section A), what have you learned about yourself?
2. In what ways can or will the concept from Section A positively impact your behaviour in a work setting? 
o For example, think of how you interact at work, what would you do differently now? Or what would you continue doing and why?
________________________________________Grading Criteria:
This journal is worth 5% of your final grade and will be marked for the following: 
3. Appropriate length; 1 page max - single-spaced (0.5 marks)
4. Includes BOTH sections; sufficiently completes each section and answers the questions (0.5 marks)
5. Free of spelling/grammar errors (0.5 marks)
6. Professionally written; no slang (0.5 marks)
7. Well articulated thoughts; is able to express ideas clearly and coherently (1 mark)
8. Deep insight; truly demonstrates an appreciation for what was learned; understands the concepts and is able to appropriately relate theory to real life examples (2 marks)
Ensure to include in-text citations and full references at the end if using other sources.  
If missing, -10% to Grade of 0 [please review plagiarism policies].
DUE DATE (to be submitted on Blackboard as a WORD attachment):
Reflection Journal #1 should focus on concepts discussed from Weeks 1 to 5 (Chapters 1 to 8) and is DUE by 11:59 PM on the night of Week 5 class. 


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Components of Attitude
Section A: Review
One's attitude towards something is essential in all aspects of life, such as school and work. Having a positive attitude is contagious since the people around you will also develop the same manner. One's attitude will be reflected in what one does and make one a satisfied employee. Besides, one's attitude also determines one's perception of ideas, how one executes one's thoughts, and how others perceive one (Boehlke par 1).

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