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Compensation and Benefit Systems implemented at a major United States Company (Essay Sample)

Construct a comprehensive research paper on the Compensation and Benefit Systems implemented at a major United States Company. The paper will follow MLA guidelines, be in Word format, at least 4-5 pages of discussion in length, double-spaced, and will also include both a Cover page and a Works Cited sheet with at least 5 sources. There should also, be AT LEAST 5 parenthetical internal citations within the text of your paper (this means you must have quotes, statistics, etc... backed up with a source from the Works Cited sheet). In citing Internet sources (i.e., even if you use several articles from one website, the website itself is an individual source (This is similar to using several articles from one individual newspaper). So make sure you use a variety of sources, not just one source. Concentrate the paper on the Compensation and Benefit Systems implemented at a major company in the United States. The book “Strategic Compensation- a Human Resource Management Approach” 5th edition By. Joseph Martocchio source..
Compensation and Benefit Systems
Job Descriptions at Coca-cola
Aviation jobs The Coca-Cola is a global company which operates in over 200 countries around the world. The Coca-cola employees in the aviation sector are expected to make a difference by creating of connecting the company’s executives, the guests around the world in an expeditious, safe and comfortable manner.
Business/administrative services
Coca-Cola employees in this sector are involved in the running of its business multi-billion dollar operation. The Coca-Cola Company relies on the value of the employee efforts in this sector for its continued success. It offers opportunities which recognizes the employees’ contributions and rewards their efforts. The professionals in this category play the role of Administration, Facilities Management, the Presentation of Graphics, Archives and the Maintenance of the records. If you want a career that can take you places, you’ll like what you find at The Coca-Cola Company.
Business management
The professional in this category are expected to implement strategic planning and business development that will be employed to drive its future. They are expected to carry out insight research and analysis to help the Coca-Cola Company determine its opportunities, activities of its competitors. They are expected to take on the big challenges and make bold plans for their future.
The Coca-Cola Company has multi-billion dollar business transactions. The function of the professionals in this category involves offering of solutions to the challenges and the financial services that are simply world-class. These include the professionals in the Accounting, Financial Analysis, Audit, Business Development, Tax and the Treasury (Martocchio, 1998).
Human resources
The role of the human resource department is to make sure that the welfare of people are is taken care of at Coca-Cola. They are supposed to understand the importance of Human Resources at Coca-Cola. There role include Staffing, Training, developing the Compensation and Benefits plans, Organizational Development, the Employee Relations and Compliance and Occupational Health.
Information technology
The information is vital because it helps to keep the Coca-Cola Company a few steps beyond the cutting-edge. The professionals in this category are expected to use the information technology to determine the present and future position of the Company by investing in the people and the technologies which will power the company for years to come. We have opportunities in Their duties include; Application Development and Support, the Operations, IT Architecture, the Infrastructure Systems Support, the Network Management, Business Systems Planning, SAP, Database Management and performing of Technical Training.
Innovation & manufacturing
This category is expected to come up with innovations that will help Coca-Cola company to develop new product, and new packaging system. T...
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